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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Buttons and Glue

The children worked on Valentine's yesterday. And the day before. And today, as a matter of fact. Some are construction paper chopped into shapes resembling hearts, layered with sticker upon sticker of unrelated things (fuzzy feet, smiley faces, pigs?!) , some are those little ones from the store (after Valentine's Day, when all the Valentine's are 90% off I buy a few boxes because Corynn likes making mail and playing post office), and some were slabs of cardstock with buttons glued for flowers.

Andrew did the yellow ones and Corynn did the pink.

No doubt, when the envelopes get stuffed there will be quite a variety of love stuffing them full.

If you want to make the button cards yourself, here is a link to the PDF template (the leaves and stem print out...two cards per page.)

But once the glue and buttons are out, you just can't stop after cards! Corynn made the heart and rainbow, Andrew the bear (naturally.)

And now, my button box is pretty much sucked dry of it's interesting and lively buttons.
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Andie said...

What FUN and beautiful projects! I've never had a button box with that many beautiful buttons...what blessed kiddos you have to have a momma that keeps such wonderful supplies handy!
The bird pictures are amazing!

Oh how I wish one of my bloggy buddies lived close, I haven't found a blogger within a 4 hour drive!
(Getting caught up on your posts with a single comment, hope you don't mind)


PS-I hope Matt takes the hint! :o)

Mom2fur said...

Those are just awesome!

betsy said...

I love these - what an adorable idea for making Valentines or just cards in general. I am always looking for new and fun craft projects to do with my kids, we just may have to try these this year!

Kelli said...

How fun! What cute cards and I love the bear and rainbow too!!

Nina said...

Love this idea - especially the flowers... so cute!