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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why this made me so excited...

A story from a few days past.

The day before we had gone grocery shopping and got ourselves some Apple Bobbers for a change from the typical honey nut Toasty O's. Obviously, this was exciting because the children finished their breakfast in record speed and had already begun their playing regimen of the day, when I walked into the kitchen to find this...

When I saw it, I gasped. And then I grinned. Then I whooped. Then I giggled and went to find my Panda.

WHY on earth would someone (in their RIGHT mind, which I hardly ever am...) be excited about a bunch of spilled milk?


In our house, when you are done with your dishes, you clear your spot. You take your dishes from the table, to the counter. It comes naturally for Corynn, she's been doing it for over a year now-maybe even two. Like second nature.

But that wasn't Corynn's bowl. That wasn't Corynn's cup.

And Corynn didn't do it.

My Panda did!

He is beginning to be a big boy-and do big boy things! He was trying to help me!

I was so proud of him!

And THAT is why milk splattered upon the floor swelled me with pride and gave me such a thrill.


Another big milestone:

Unpacking all those basement boxes, revealed quite a few treasures for the children. In fact, Corynn ran around all of that weekend begging to do more 'exploring'. One of the boxes held some toys in her OLD room when she was a baby. Tucked away between the blankets, and stackable farm blocks were these puzzles...to be saved when she was ready for them.

Now, the last time Corynn and I worked on a 'big' 25 piece puzzle, she was frustrated and I had to walk her through it all, so I plunked these puzzles on one of the top shelves for a 'rainy day' or, at the very least, when I was patient enough to deal with baby steps.

So, on Monday, imagine my surprise when I had just gottan out of the shower and Corynn came running to me, breathless and eyes extra sparkly...

She grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs to show me this...

She had finished this 24 piece puzzle, all on her own...and even more impressive, Panda was with her. Anyone who knows about not-quite-two year olds, know that they don't mix well with concentration OR floor work.

So I guess my Little Miss is doing not quite so-little things anymore!

Both of my babies are growing up.

For a LONG time, I thought that was sad. I would watch with bated breath and utter despair, my babes weaning themselves from me and growing in autonomy.

I don't know when the click happened, or whether it even was a click rather than a slow, continuous fog filling the cavities within their wee form but now I am able to REJOICE with their achievements, and better still, look forward to the inevitable and countless more that will sneak up on my unsuspecting self.
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