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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Foto Friday: Don't STOP!

Just pretend it is Friday, not Saturday today. I won't feel so bad.


It isn't hard to turn out nice photographs when your subjects aren't exactly hard on the eyes, but even gorgeous subjects can have awkward moments. I hope the girls don't KILL me for posting these two photos but they crack me up every time...and happen to be a perfect illustration for a Foto Friday Tip.


So, the hair, makeup, location, lighting and EVERYTHING is perfect. Wonderful. Still, don't take just one and call it good. The smile is fabulous? STILL, take another, just in case.

Here Caroline is "serenely" picking flowers in a field:

That expression SURE looks serene!

If I hadn't have snapped another just moments later, I wouldn't have gotten this shot:

And not to just pick on Caroline (actually, I am not picking on either of them, more on MYSELF for snapping the picture at that moment), Abby had a funny Foto moment too.

I was leaning above her in the grass and my fingers snapped the picture the VERY moment she tried to nonchalantly blow a bug off her chin. I mean, she was GOOD. I wouldn't have even noticed anything happened unless I didn't see it perfectly preserved on my camera. !!

But lookie here:

Now isn't she perdy?

I won't even tell you how important it is to take more than one picture while taking photos of groups.

These girls were all very accommodating to my snap-happy finger, like I mentioned, I took about 200 pictures. You don't have to go THAT far, but please don't just stop at one.

Your hard drive will hate me after this tip, but you will love me.

Of THIS I am certain.
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