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Friday, September 11, 2009

Foto Friday: The FAVOR (pretty please?)

Alright. Since I am no professional photographer, in fact, I sorta kinda (really do) stink at taking pictures compared to 90.6% of the rest of the blogging world, Foto Friday tips didn't last long.

The tip jar is empty.

The river runneth dry.

Bone dry.

I have reached my zenith, as it were.

But Foto Friday has been fun and I really don't want it to end. So I am twisting it into something new. Something that helps ME learn, too.

I would like to post photography challenges to myself (and whoever else that may be interested) every Foto Friday and we can work on finding a way to shoot that particular subject throughout the week and we can meet back and then check everyone else out.

I am speaking in the plural because I am PRETENDING there are people out there who would actually be as interested in doing this as I am.

Seems to me it would be a perfect challenge to better myself and push myself out of my own comfort zone. So, even if NO ONE ELSE does it with me, I WILL! (And hopefully, will get something out of it too.)

The only rule will be: the photo needs to be taken within that particular week. If you take a picture from your archives, it isn't exactly CHALLENGING you is it?! ;-)

So here is my favor:

Would EVERYONE that reads this blog shoutout a "theme" or a photo challenge for me? (Or a whole LIST, if you really want to be a darling)

It could be one word: blue

or a whole sentence: Capture motion in wheat

or an idea: intellect

Honestly, the more varied the better. The more challenging the better. The more IDEAS the better.

We will go through the list one at a time and in order (so I don't get the idea to cheat on easy ones).

I will post the first challenge this coming Friday!

Would you please do this for me?

I will allow anonymous commenters on this post, so you don't even have to tell me it is you!!

Thank you kindly.
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Edited to Add: Got our first suggestion and by golly I can't wait until NEXT Friday to post the challenge. So I will post it today and we can have all week to work on it. Next Friday I will put up a MckLinky where we can all share our pictures. Yay! (Thanks Elizabeth, for the great idea!)

The challenge is: "Beginnings"


Elizabeth said...

This sounds like fun to me! You can count your sis in if it's okay with you!

Maybe the first theme could be something like "new" or "beginnings" as it is your first theme challenge? Just my suggestion :)

and ps- you are really on crack if you don't think you are good at photography!

Bonnie said...

I agree with Elizabeth- you are on crack.
This sounds like fun and I might actually get to do it!

Rebecca said...

I never said that: I said I made into the 10th percentile! And Bonnie~ I don't see a suggestion!

Paula said...

I hardly ever comment, but since you asked EVERYONE who reads to comment I thought I'd better say something! I apologise if it's a lame idea, but here is my suggestion:

Capture the Wind.

Since I'm commenting anyway, I will take this opportunity to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog and have found your Foto Friday feature really interesting.

Best wishes,
Paula (UK)

Under the Son said...

I think this is a great idea. I would love to participate. Here are a few ideas. Some pretty basic, but I will put them anyway.

Black & White

devildogwife said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to say that I love how your reflection is in his glasses on that picture!

I'm going to try to participate in these challenges. :)

Bonnie said...

Oh, I missed that part. How about something fresh from the oven?

Anonymous said...

Stars at night

Crystal in Pahrump

...they call me mommy... said...


THEMES??? Hmmm...





I don't know...I'll have to keep thinking :) Love the ideas of colors too! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

PS-You are on LOADS of crack...your photography is gorgeous...:P

Dana said...

At Christmas you could do a challenge of photogrphing your tree or some outside lights--something that requires use of no flash and/or a tripod.

Close-up of something that you can't tell what it is because it's so close. (Did that make sense?)

Favorite smiles.



Winter at our House (snow scenes if it snows where you live?)

Photos showing some kind of action.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head!

Quinne said...

Hi Rebecca :)
Here are a few ideas...
red leaves
little feet
berries in fall

I'm not a photographer (it's on my someday list -lol), but I will be reading and keeping up.

Love & hugs, Q

Homeschoolmummyx3 said...

Uhm, ok...

How about toes? trees? toes & trees?

Wendy said...

ohhh this sounds like fun...I hope I can do this...hmmm lets see...

ample....too many too list!!

I just have to say again how good looking Matt is...but dont tell him..it might go to his head...ha ha!

Jaime Baker said...

Hi there!
I am a mom from Canada and have been reading your blog for sometime now. I find it extremely encouraging, insightful, and fun. Quite frankly, I want to start my own for public domain to share some ideas and fun things that our family does; however, I am a tad fearful of posting pictures of my little ones. Are you not afraid of posting your family pictures? Since I already have a blog started and would love to simply add it to public domain that would be easier. I am also interested in how you create your blog? Do you have to pay? Where do you find the buttons, tabs, artwork??? I am all about free but so new at this.
Lastly, (sorry for the length) I would love to join your photo challenge as well (also new to photography)...I don't have anything new to suggest since all the other suggestions were great!


Rebecca said...

Hiya Jaime! I do hope you will check back here for a return comment, I rarely give 'em just because I never know.

But, you asked lots of questions so here I am.

Posting photos is a personal preference, to be sure, but in my case I have never been bothered by it. Maybe in the beginning, in the VERY beginning, I was a tad nervous but after four years or however long I have been doing this, all fears have subsided. I guess I figure this: if bad people are looking for bad things, then my blog will be so sorely lacking their visit won't be long and there are lots more beautiful families out there to gawk at so people can busy up their free time elsewhere.


As for my blog, I started it several years ago at blogger.com (It's FREE!) and there are some super cool backgrounds and stuff at cutestblogontheblock.com (free, too!) Renaissance's background was actually done because I won a giveaway. I chose everything I wanted and she did it. But thecutestblogontheblock.com is really easy to understand (a matter of cut and paste)

I look forward to getting to know you better Jaime, and seeing your pictures! Thanks for participating!