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Friday, March 12, 2010

Foto Friday: Lines

The photo challenge for last week was LINES.

I had hoped to make it out one night and try my hand at some slow photography~ trying to get headlights to form streaks and lines~ but never did happen. Rats....that would have been a really fun challenge.

I did make it to some railroad tracks though! Plenty of lines there!

Now, let's see all YOUR lines!!

In order to participate in these Foto Friday challenges, you must take a photo (or several) pertaining to the challenge WITHIN the challenge week and post it/them to your blog. When you do, please link back to this blog {you may use the button if you like} so that perhaps we can get lots of participants! (Because, you know, the more the merrier!) Then simply link to your Foto Friday post with Mr. McLinky here so that we all can visit you and compare notes...

For those of you new to this blog (or to Foto Friday's in general), each Friday we get a new photo challenge to work on for the week and we post our photos the next Friday and link back up here. Whatever your skill level, the goal is to get behind your camera and to begin, as you practice, to view subjects in a different light. To extend yourself and your concepts and ideas. To create ART instead of just snapping a picture. And to do it all while having FUN.


Well, that's it for shapes. How about we start on some colors?! Brown is about all I am seeing these days, so it would be nice to challenge myself to find some colors! And SINCE this week we celebrate St. Patty's day.... how about GREEN?!


Terri said...

Stink! I live right across from a train station and never thought about those lines. I absolutely love the last one of Andrew sitting on the tracks. He looks like a little hobo. ;-)

Tracy said...

I love all of the railroad photos. I thought about that myself, but didn't get there. I went to the arch in St. Louis instead.

Bonnie said...

The train theme is brilliant!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

The train track pictures are great! I love the little hobo. ;) Sorry to hear he was traumatized by the whole event. :(

I thought about doing the train tracks, but it just wasn't going to happen this week.

Lana said...

Love the railroad pics! I had a few ideas this week, but no time to make em work :( Instead I've been looking at gardening websites and working on that. But Lord willing, I'll be back next week, hopefully with pictures of my GREEN sprouts :)

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE all these pictures, Rebecca!
Is that vanilla bean? :) YUM!
The railroad ones are soooooo adorable! I totally understand what you mean about weird trucks/people...I think it's better to be safe then sorry! I've never been brave enough to wear cowboy boots with a cute skirt! I just adore that look! We have a very backwoods track near us and I tried to get there with my hubby last year to photograph him...you have inspired me to get everybody out there! :) I've had that happen with my auto-focus too sometimes...grr...maybe we take too many pictures too fast and it's protesting or something! heehee!

Hopefully, I can participate in GREEN next week!!!

God bless you and your sweet family today, Rebecca!

Out for an Adventure said...

Good idea, I didn't thing about doing Long exposure.

And those railroad pictures! Absolutely darling!!

Hope you had a great week!


Nanci said...

The difference between you and me, Rebecca, is that you actually implement your ideas while I just dream them up (no action follows). I had the train track idea,too, (you know all the train tracks here in town -- even by the caboose and the old train station), but as you can see from my name not appearing by Mr. Linky -- I never made it there.

I need a few LITTLE cuties to put some pizzaz in my pics. I LOVE these pics of your trio.

Full of Grace said...

All of your shots are wonderful Rebecca!

Pitsch Family said...

Wonderful idea and I love your little boys outfit sitting on the tracks. We have a train that runs through or little town also and i never even thought of train pics. Funny how our minds go to different concepts. Sorry iam so late this week but this was a fun challenge for me.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos :)
Nanci, borrow my little ones whenever you want since I will never be doing photo fridays :D