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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Comforts

These cheerfully golden days are stringing themselves into one of the most awe-inspiring chains of finery March has ever flaunted. I would likely covet the sun diamonds gracing the neck of March, if I weren't already mesmerized just by being in their presence.

Everything appears more grand its' reflections, it has been easy to find beauty I have been missing these many months.

Bits of beauty tucked in corners and pockets.

:: a front room, with a view. It took two days to reclaim this homes' worst disaster spot~ the entryway. It is a shame that it took so long, because first impressions DO matter and anyone coming in did NOT have a good impression this winter, even if the "REAL" house was immaculate.

:: buried alive in freshly laid eggs. Finally down to about nine dozen...until tonights' egg gathering. Garden onions and garlic in handpainted basket. Homemade saurkraut in the crock. Dried Peppermint for tea in the pail and way down on bottom: wheat berries.

:: the last of the winter apples. Still glorious~after months!

:: a wandering Jew

:: turkeys came for a visit right as the snow began to melt.

:: Blue and White with Yellow- the very best combination.

:: More yellow. An obsession carried over from last year. I am a weakling, I know. I can not fight it.

:: the line got her initiation today. Most of my clothespins were brutally murdered in the potting shed by the same ladies in the photo.

:: We are a skirts and dresses sorta family. (The girls, that is). I am NOT, however, a tights/leggings-under-dresses-to-try-in-vain-to-keep-warm-in-winter kind of lady. I love dresses. But not THAT much. If you are such, KUDOS! I, on the other hand, would rather cram myself into jeans with some nice warm woolen socks and hibernate during winter...and I do. But with these nicely warmed days, what's left of the skirts and dresses in my closet that still fit are finally getting some wear again and let me just say...it feels GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

:: A green plaid shower curtain. Wanna hear my plans?

If all goes according to plan, all stars align, and all children stay happily playing outside for the next few weeks I plan to use this fabric shower curtain to sew coordinated Easter outfits for not JUST the children, but Matt and I too. Now, by coordinated outfits, I do not mean ENTIRE ensembles. I mean, in some way using this fabric to coordinate all the outfits.

Here is my plan thus far (it may change):

Adele'~ a dress made fully of plaid fabric with white sash around middle.
Andrew~ a plaid bowtie (possibly a vest too?)
Corynn~ a white dress with plaid sash around middle (possibly putting yo-yo flowers leading upwards from hem in right corner) and a coordinated headband/barrettes.
Matt~ a plaid man tie
Me~ using all the remaining scraps, I will make myself another ginormous flower (or several). Either for pins for my dress (no, not sewing myself a dress) or for my hair. Or possibly a flowery belt.

The possibilities are contingent upon fabric supply (I have only ONE shower curtain to work with here) and of course, time.

It is a nice neutral fabric. I would have liked, for Easter anyway, something a bit more...FANCY....but going out and buying "just the right fabric" would defeat the purpose of using what you have and it wouldn't be a very good challenge to use only the allotted amount of fabric either.

So that is my plan.

I wonder if I can do it....

The prospect is not looking so good since I was SUPPOSED to sew Andrew's bowtie last week and blogged instead. I am one week behind then.... eek!


Nanci said...

You must be feeling the same as me now that the earth is coming alive again. I keep drinking in the sunshine, I even opened the windows. I finally feel life creeping back into me as I am nourished by sights and smells around me.

I love your plans for Easter outfits; I can't wait to see the finished project. Family picture, maybe????

MameyJane said...

I absolutely LUV your "homeplace", as the old-timers in southern Alabama would call it. The scenery is just beautiful! It has such a home feel to it. And I too have a thing for blue and yellow. My last kitchen was done in it, with blue willow plates and yellow accents. I wasn't able to implement it in this house, but I've hung onto my stuff for future use. It's timeless!

Bonnie said...

The littles have been outside as much as possible, thank goodness for a porch and partly paved drive, it keeps the mud to a minimum. ( and can I just mention sleeping like little logs?)

I can't wait to see your projects! I am debating matching the girls in their dresses some way or not, I think the fabric might be a *tad* bit juvenile....
Love all the photos! I took a bazillion this week, and haven't posted a thing. NO MOTIVATION!

Tracy said...

I particularly like the photo of you all on hte tracks-Andrew makes a good hobo.

The chickens and clothesline/barn through the window is also a great shot.

Are the daffodils yours? I haven't seen any here yet.

Full of Grace said...

Everything looks so warm and inviting Rebecca, you did a good job and as always a wonderful job capturing it..

Peggy said...

lovely pictures! aren't dresses/skirts great. a little breezy here, causes marilyn monroe accidents right now! ha ha...

love the ladies and their lovely berries, and all the goodness in general!

seeing progress by keepin comp time to a minimum!

but have to keep up w/ my dear bloggy friends even if it is in short bursts!


Rebecca said...

Tracy~ nope. I have been scouting out some forms of life (ANY!) but to no avail. I haven't even found any LEAVES. Those are just from Price Chopper.

Peggy~ glad to hear about your progress!

...they call me mommy... said...

I LOVE this post, Rebecca! Gorgeous peeks at your home! :) Love 'em! I'm in the planning stages of our Easter outfits also..except I'm not making them...heehee! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Sounds so cute!

...they call me mommy... said...

I especially LOVE the one out your window with the clothesline and chickens...ahh! :)

Amy said...

I love the idea of the green plaid shower curtain for easter outfits! it looks like something you'd find at Kohl's on the Ralph Lauren Polo Rack...but I assume that your things will not be $30 for a little tiny blouse. :-P