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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

10 cent show

Two Christmases ago I challenged myself to a 100% homemade holiday and boy, was it fun. I shared most of the gifts I made to give but one I left out was the gift I made for my own children. It might of had something to do with the fact that I waited until the VERY.END. to finish them, or perhaps it was the holiday rush, or maybe the gazillions of photos I had to post of everything else that pushed this to the wayside but it got overlooked.

They loved it then, and two years later they still love it. The children had it out today playing with it, the room was actually bright enough for decent pictures, and I figured now was as good a time as any to finally show it.

I hung a curtain rod in the door way and made curtains from some fabric I had on hand. The blue ones just fasten with curtain clips the lower one is actually on a spring rod.

The curtain rod near the ceiling stays up and out of sight all the time and everything else can be put up in seconds and put away without cluttering things up when not in use. My kinda setup.

My childrens' clothing actually hurts my eyes in these pictures. Wow. We are just a bunch of fashionistas over here. Don't hate.

I also made some puppets out of felt, styrofoam, pantyhose, and lots of bits and pieces. We had finished reading Peter Pan and the children were on a Pan kick, so those were the puppets I made.



My favorite thing about Michael is the button bum I gave him. No one can see it but me, but so what.

Do remember, please, that these four have played and fought and flown for two years now, so if their hair is skewed and their clothes a bit ruffled, it is merely a sign that they are well loved.

We happened to already have pirate puppets so I never made those, but wish I would have anyway. They would have been fun.

I also made a Tinkerbell in wee felt folk marionette fashion with a clay sculpted head and wool roving hair. But...um....she long since met her evil fate, no matter how many 'I DO believe in Faeries" were spoken, which is sortof a good thing since she was pretty scary anyway. (Faeries shouldn't illicit nightmares and the poor thing did just that...)

No one quite knows if it is more fun to be on the puppeteering end or the spectating end.

So there you have it.

My children DID get a Christmas present two years ago and they are *still* enjoying it. Can't say that about too many childrens' gifts.


Bonnie said...

That last picture is to sweet! I am do-ly impressed with your puppet theater, those puppets look great! I have to admit being creeped out by puppets and marionettes most of the time (that part of Sound of Music- eeewwyyyughhh. Shivers.), but yours are very cute. Reminds me a bit of the non creepy marionettes we made once upon a time for a show being totally inspired by A Time To Keep. Wonder where those pictures are...

Tracy said...

We made our children a puppet theatre years ago when they were all small. Abigail wasn't yet born! It was one of their favorite gifts ever.

Yours is wonderful! The puppets, too.

I've been enjoying all of your posting about the farm, and your chores, the raising and butchering of the meat, and your date. So much going on here lately that I find time to read, but none to comment most days. You wouldn't know what that was like, now, would you? ;-)

abigail said...

At ten cents a show, I'd pay for a double feature!

I've told you before; I'll tell you again. I love these. (How much do the puppeteers cost? I'll pay for a few of them, too.)

Trisha said...

This is AMAZING! Truly, your children are blessed to have such a creative Mama!!

Jess said...

Aww thats so cute! I wish I was at all creative. Did you get my email??!

Sheila said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!! I absolutely love it! I wish I had made one for my children when they were young!! So utterly sweet!

...they call me mommy... said...

Love this, Rebecca!! Can you be my mom too? ;) I'm potty trained!! :P

Leah said...

Rebecca, you are amazing. Those puppets are so cute!!! I may have to make some - *sigh* - along with all the other long-lost wonderful things I've resolved to make over the years.

We just watched "Sound of Music" a few weeks ago and I told John how much I would love to have a puppet stage and those marionette dolls used in the "Lonely Goatherd" song for our kids to sing and do plays with. (I know, that one would be WAYYYYYYY out of our budget. I will just have to be creative... like you... for a change... and make one.

(p.s. Love the doll's position in that last picture. ;)