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Friday, March 04, 2011


It is Foto Friday again, when we share our favorite photo of the week and there is a new addition I am excited to announce! For quite some time I have thought about featuring a winner or two of the previous week but I worried about hurt feelings and how it could be done well. Then last week I stumbled across a blog who had implemented a photo winner each week and saw firsthand how great it actually is!

So from henceforth, I am going to feature my TWO FAVORITE Foto Friday contributions from the previous week along with my personal favorite photo of my week each Friday. A great way to share the love, feature your blog, and acknowledge a job well done! Especially nice considering we are back to text links instead of thumbnails. If yours is a favorite~ I will "slurp" your featured photo and feature it here along with a link to your blog, so if you participate in Foto Friday I will assume this will be okay. This adds a whole new level of intrigue, don't you think? yay! I am excited.

Make sure you scroll down the bottom of this post to see last weeks' winners!


Last weeks' challenge, for those up to the task was EDIBLE.

I have wanted to make rainbow jello ever since the rainbow challenge back in January so I was glad when I had another chance...but sorely disappointed in my photographs of them. Don't know how to do it differently~ everything I tried (and I tried a lot) seemed to lack ...pizazz. Maybe if I would have made something that *I* find edible, like say a cheesecake or fresh fruit tart. But noooooooo. I had to go with JELLO.

This guy, on other hand, I could eat right up.

Now let's see YOUR photo(s).

For this week, the photo challenge will be CAPTIONED. I am super excited about this one, I bet it will be loads of fun!

Last weeks FOTO FRIDAY
winners were: (drumroll please!!!)

Can I just tell you how happy I was to visit her blog this past week? She fulfilled this past week what my main hope IS for photo Friday and that is, helping us to really challenge ourselves, experiment, and seek new ways to improve our photographs. She experimented with different positions and lighting and perspectives and it really shows in the final result. GREAT job, Momawake!


Winner #2: The View from Hidden Valley

Isn't this a great perspective? Isn't that great coloring? Isn't that a great bowl? Isn't getting together with a bunch of other crafty Mamas a great IDEA? And isn't that a GREAT title?!? ;-) Well done on all counts, Amy!

Congratulations ladies!


Full of Grace said...

Ha! I thought about doing Christiana's "sausages" but with her being sick all week, it just didn't work out. Funny how our minds work similarly though :)

Love those jello "shots" ;) Rainbow jello is a great idea, especially for March and St. Patricks Day :)

just heather said...

oh, I really like your Jello shots! What a great idea. :)

Jennifer said...

Love the jello shots! They really are cool! I would try that. . . but my kids won't eat jello. Weird, I know. :P Those shots are great, though! Love your "edible" guy the best though! I feel the same way about my little guy!

Jennifer said...

"Edible" might be a bad challenge. . . I think I'm gaining weight just looking at all these food pictures! Lol! :) (Totally kidding about it being a bad challenge - it's neat to see the pictures, but it's making me soooo hungry!)

Dana said...

I like the Jello pics but Judah is just too cute!!!

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE the rainbow Jello!!! And the little girl mouth eating the rainbow jello! :) LOL! I thought about a picture of me eating baby toes or something! I didn't really get anything good this week! I might put up what I have we will see! It's dumb as I LOVE photographing food! ;) LOL!

Thank you so much for featuring my photo! And congrats to Winter's Edge Home!!!!

Terri said...

I love the jello, but I have to admit I'm partial to your little pork chop! lol

momawake said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks so much!

abigail said...

Judah takes the cake.
(In a few months, I will mean that quite literally.)

He is so irresistibly smooshy!