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Friday, March 25, 2011

Foto Friday

I had hoped to have my computer troubles resolved by today (which is why this post is so late in running...) but alas, t'was not to be. No new photos for me. (SAtleast not today.)

The GOOD NEWS is that I can live vicariously through you! So do me a favor and LINK UP your favorite photo of the week already! :-)

And now...for the winners from last week!

Winner #1: Life in the A-Frame

Truly, an amazing shot! That little frog was so sweet to sit still for a minute to be captured by the camera...and captured it was! The blurred background, the great detail, the awesome subject...the shot is extraordinary!

Winner #2: 6 Kids and a Camera

This poor little sweetling just tugs at my heart. I don't know how she manages to have sparkly eyes and that darlingt little smile with those awful pox...how could she NOT be a favorite?!?


Anyone up for a photo challenge this coming week, how about: SHOES.

(It doesn't have to be ONLY shoes, but should incorporate them somehow. Be creative!)


Our Peculiar Lives said...

aww, I hope your computer troubles are resolved soon. I know how frustrating that is.
Those are both awsome photos that you picked!

Southern Comfort said...

I'm glad you liked my photo, I liked it too. I have an outdoor shower and when I went to shampoo my hair, another little frog was clinging to the back of my shampoo bottle-scared me half to death! Thank you Rebecca.

abigail said...

I'm sure Network Man would rather enjoy you all upon arrival than look at the computer, but here's hoping he finds a few spare minutes to give her a makeover!

I also hope that your contribution for the upcoming Foto Friday features red shoes. I can't get enough of them! ;)

p.s. NETWORK MAN to the rescue! He needs a cape, of course, but you and your machine could cover that easily.

...they call me mommy... said...

I just LOVE picture of the sweetheart with the chicken pox! :) Man, when your computer gets fixed we are going to be FLOODED with 1,000's of GORGEOUS photos from you, right?!! *hint, hint* :D

Full of Grace said...

I loved the frog one too :) Hope your computer is back up and running soon, I'm sure it's tough not being able to contribute to your own foto friday!!

Out for an Adventure said...

Ah man, computer troubles stink!
But those pictures were awesome!
Love the little froggy,
and that poor little one with the pox =[


Julie said...

Ok....I know this will start an enormous flurry of debate...but I'm going out there anyway...

There is a vaccine for chicken pox now...