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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Castoffs and other unblogworthy bits

Well, never did get my 'puter able to allow more data this past weekend and with no way to get it done this week, I guess I will just have to use what data I got if I am to blog. Instead of posting all the about the homemade vanilla extract, seed starting, and other sundry bits of fun/accomplishments happening these days since the accompanying photos have been taken hostage by my camera~ I will blog some photo castoffs and Overlooks hiding out in Picasa since I am in desperate need of a few good late-night diversions. Blog, be ready!

Here are three.

These photos bring to mind three things:

1) The pain of holding a child that large in one hand while trying to take a picture. OW. My arms need some buffing up since I apparently birthed a sumo wrestler.

2) We look alike. I don't care what anybody says. Just look at those noses. Wide set eyes. Receding hairlines. Double chins. Bags under the eyes. He is a little mini me.

3) For a long time I hoped I would have a blue eyed baby. His dark blue didn't last long. His eyes then turned a a similar shade of gray my green/gold eyed girl had for the longest time but clearly that didn't quite finish them off either. I finally realized: It's official~ a brown-eyed boy he is. I am so far outnumbered I think it is about time to surrender.


Tracy said...

None of our children have their father's blue eyes, but my mother in law is over the moon about the dark chocolate-y brown that they inherited from me. Embrace it!

Wish I could see your seedlings and vanilla, too!

Rebecca said...

you will! Someday!

(And PS. I LOVE my childrens' dark chocolate eyes. They are great and wonderful and deep and complex and shiny. What I *HATE* though is that because of them, everyone INSTANTLY says they look just like their father (who has matching). Ugh. Someday I would like to have a blue eyed baby so that people will say "OH! THIS one has Rebecca's eyes." Of course, then they will notice something different of Matt's. hehehe

Bonnie said...

Doesn't Adele have blue eyes?
Castoffs are good, receding hair line my foot, its an alabaster brow (Google that one), and honey, you can't even begin to claim bags....
Temps are supposed to drop here too, but I think more rain than snow. Thhbbbppp. Glad I didn't go out and start my peas and lettuce.

Rebecca said...

no. Adele has greenish/light brown eyes on the outside that fades into gold in the center. She gets the gold from me, because I have gold in my centers too, if you look REALLY closely. At least I can claim that.

Our Peculiar Lives said...

aww! Love them all!

Matt said...

Judah, your mama's a real looker!

Leah said...

I agree. He looks just like you - too cute for words :).

And I can't wait to see the homemade vanilla extract recipe. I go through vanilla like it's going out of style!

Full of Grace said...

I've always said Judah looks like you and I still do. He really is a mini-you!!! :)

Catie said...

I think it's safe to say you do NOT have a double chin!! LOL! You are so funny! I love your writing style. :)

Your little boy is adorable!

abigail said...

It sounds like this Matt fellow is hitting on you. Network Man's just gonna have to hunt him down and beat him to a pulp.

abigail said...

p.s. Millie just poked her head over my shoulder and, without reading the post, she said, "Mrs. _ and Judah look alike...in some ways." I think you look alike, too, but NOT in the tongue-in-cheek qualities you mentioned--
more in the bright eyes, baby-smooth complexion, nice lips, sorta way.

(Don't worry, Network Man, I'm just being objective here. No need to get so upset...)