What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Angels in the Sun (and other nonsense)

A post of all the bits and ends tangling up in my mind today.

The morning sun came in through the window one morning this week and streamed a path into the kitchen, landing in only one spot-the angel food cake. It was pretty. And gold. And for a moment, I felt rich.


I went to Salvation Army today and picked up sheer curtains for the living room for $1.00 a piece. There were 8 of them, all matching~ enough for one for each window in the living room. My plan is to use the sheer curtains to "feminize" and soften the burlap curtains I will be making whenever I actually buy the roll of burlap.

I know, I know. Burlap for curtains may freak you out (it did Matt at first) and it may freak *ME* out when I actually see it in real life, but in my mind it all just 'works'. Today I am one step closer to living room curtains and at a very small fraction of the price.

O happy day!


Our washing machine died. Again. This time, though, there will be no resuscitation. It doesn't even try. And the mountain of clothes mocks my pain.


Matt is out of town for the week which means a couple of things-mainly, I am very UNPRODUCTIVE during the day and very PRODUCTIVE at night. The meals are very simple. Schooling is my priority-but not cleaning, so the house is kindof a mess.

I have tried to do a bit of 'fun stuff' at night to feel better about being alone.
All Alone.

I borrowed Season 1 of Downton Abbey (thanks to you who suggested it to me~ you know who you are!) and have been watching that each night. I also picked up a new little 'something' to occupy my time while I watch.


I haven't done embroidery in AGES and I forgot how fun it is. Especially when it involves being escorted by a Tomato. Too fun.


Every time I publish a post in blogger I get a glimpse of my 'followers'. I don't MEAN to, it just happens. Last week, that number went down by FOUR and I simultaneously wondered what I might have 'done wrong' and got angry with myself for even caring. It is pathetic, I know.

I really shouldn't care. I
REALLY shouldn't.

But why don't you like me anymore?!? (
whine, whine.)
Don't Answer That


Almost all of our (big) glasses have broken recently and I was *REALLY* thirsty. I usually use canning jars but they were WAY down in the BASEMENT.(rolls eyes) So I did this:

I was desperate, I tell you.


Michelle G said...

lol I had one day where my "followers" (and really how sad is that...I truly worry about anyone who would follow me...sounds like lost puppies..but i digress) the number droped by one. I worried. I re-read the past blogs..I wondered. I had NO idea who it was who dropped off...but the next day the number was back up. I like to think they changed their mind and decided they DO like me! lol
I get nothing done when hubs is away. and with him being in and out of the hospital lately i'm useless. useless i tell you! he has to get better - cause without him my kids would be doomed to a life with a mother who fixes cereal as a main meal and becomes nocturnal.

Catie said...

It's nice to know you're normal like the rest of us and *maybe* care if people like you. ;o) Well, except me. I never care. MUWAHAHA! I kid! I kid!

I found a shawl and was going to mention it in a Pin on Pinterest, but then I saw you're not on there anymore?

I just started an embroidery project too! I copied an image from a Jan Brett book--The Mitten. A CERTAIN SOMEONE *ahem* said you also like Jan Brett?!? :)

Emily said...

Well, you might have lost some followers, but you've gained one too! :) I'm enjoying your blog.

Mary said...

I am sure the burlap will look splendid on your windows when you get done with them!

I will be praying for you with Matt gone, don't forget about the shirt!(hehehe)

Embroidery is so much fun!I am working on bookmarks & cards.

Those that left,It's there loss!


Tracy said...

That cake would make me feel rich, too. I gain and lose followers ALL the time. Don't worry about it. There are PLENTY of us who love you, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - you have "secret followers" - not the creepy kind, though. :) I have followed your blog for a very long time, but I am not a "follower" because, quite honestly, I am not sure how. I am a mom of three and going to school full-time for Occupational therapy, which is something I am passionate about. I like to live vicariously through you because if there could be two of me, I would like the other one to live your lifestyle. Thanks for sharing your life with us and I love your pictures. They're precious. ~Kara

Ulli said...

I don't always comment, but I always read you. You inspire me. I love to do embroidery, and all needlework. It makes my heart happy to know younger moms like you (I'm old enough to be your mother), are interested in learning how to do handiwork--as my mother called it when she taught me. Love your sweet family. Hang in there--this week is now half over--Matt will be home soon. And by the way--I think the burlap, softened by the sheers, will be stunning.

Terri said...

One of my saved pages torn from Southern Living magazine: Battenburg lace curtain panels with rough brown burlap drapes over them. Tiebacks were twine no less. And it was/is GORGEOUS. Go with your instinct. It will work.

Laughing over followers. Two months ago my yahoogroups page was screwed up. I had less than 400 subscribers out of the 1150 I'd previously had. I worried and fretted and then decided to be philosophical about it. Three weeks ago I was up higher than 1150 so that just goes to show you. There are screw ups and followers who leave and new crops of followers.

Bonnie said...

Your water pitcher cracks me up.

That cake!

Can't wait to see the burlap and sheers (speaking of which our living room curtains have pretty well had it, what to do-what to do)

Boo-hiss about the washer.
B. used to go buy new packages of socks and underwear sometimes if his were all dirty. Good thing he finally got married... Don't know why I mentioned that.

At least you HAVE a productive time of day. Mine are "very little" and "zilch".

I just bought floss cards to rescue my tangled up mess of floss.

Library's are great.


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Following...just not posting much. I don't know why. Pensive mood I think. ;)

And, I moved my blog over here from zanga. The ads were icky. :P

And, I'm taking a home schooling hiatus...at least until next week. I'm loving it so far. :)

Leah said...

I'm still here. It's gonna be awful hard for you to ever get rid of me. :D

And why do the big glasses always break??? Seriously. I've bought so many new ones this last year.

Jerelene said...

I can't wait to see the curtains! I would love to know how to do embroidery. I tried it a little before..but I've been sick a lot this past year..so I may try again:) I am always checking in on you even if I don't comment. I just love all your pictures and your family is lovely:) I have been watching Downton Abbey too! Don't you just love it!! Blessings :) Jerelene

aeolian said...

I follow you "secretly" too. I am on blogger, but on your blog I have no idea how to "officially" follow you. I know I'm a total stranger (military wife of one baby so far who currently lives in Fairbanks, Alaska), but I think I sent you one e-mail before asking you a bunch of questions, and I've commented once before. (But you never answer back! :( ) It's ok though, you have so much on your plate as it is. Anyway. I'm sort of nervous babbling now. (Sorry, I just feel like I'm talking to a celebrity pretty much, and one I admire very much. Also. It's really late.) Just hope you know that I eagerly check for posts on here every other day, and very much enjoy your writing and your beautiful pictures. I hope to be as amazing a mother and wife someday as you are. God bless!

Terri said...

Too funny about the followers. I get that "I'm back in high school and I'm not popular" feeling every now and then. Sometimes if a person deletes their blog, it will look like they stopped following you.

Anyway, the cake is beautiful and I'm sorry about your washer!

...they call me mommy... said...

Love this post...

*Snicker*...I do the *SAME* thing with followers. We are all such confidant, secure women bloggers, eh? ;)

haha. The pitcher. I understand. Nursing makes me PARCHED.

Meighan said...

If you are enjoying Downton Abbey, here are a few more suggestions. You shoul dbe able to find these at the public library. I live in PA as well and have been able to get them at my county library.
1. Lark Rise to Candleford
2. The Buccaneers
3. Lilies
4. Wives & Daughters
5. Cranford
6. The Forsyte Saga
7. Upstairs, Downstairs
My husband is a teacher and does not travel often for work, but he does hunt so there are plenty of weekends when I am home by myself and I love to curl up with my shows, a mug of tea and a blanket.
Hope you have some time to check out my suggestions.

Autumn said...

I can't wait to see you burlap curtains, after you make them!

Bonnie said...

Oh yes I second Wives&Daughters and Cranford!

Riahli said...

I have only a handful of followers {although I like it that way...} so when someone stops following me, which has happened a time or two I've dwelled a little too much on it as well... it's human. :) I get nervous when someone new starts following me as well though, wondering if I'm blog worthy and all, haha! I try not to think about it too much so that I'm blogging for me and my family and not for anyone else. I love your honest and beautiful blog posts, stay just the way you are!!!

I really like the burlap curtains idea, can't wait to see them...

Christine said...

I have enjoyed your blog for years.You are so talented, and always share a lovely glimpse of life. Blessings!

Rebecca said...

You all are the best. I am still embarrassed and ashamed of myself for following the 'followers' but at least I am not alone in it. That makes me feel *slightly* better. This blog is as a writing outlet for me and more importantly, as a way to record our lives for posterity (the days, they do pass quickly.) and THAT will stay the same if I have 1,000 visitors or none.

But I sure do like you guys. ;-)

Catie~ I hate facebook and only signed up in order to create a Pinterest account. I ignored it for the longest time and then yesterday decided I ought to just delete the dumb thing. THAT is when no one could see me in Pinterest anymore, so I am told. I have no idea why. So I fixed it and you SHOULD be able to see me now. Maybe?

And I *LOVE* Jan Brett and every time I read a book to my children (daily) I decide I am going to make a dress similar to the girls' dresses for my girls. But it hasn't happened yet so I won't hold my breathe. DO, PLEASE, share your project when you are done. I would love to see it!

Ulli~ I recently borrowed a copy of Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson from the library. It is a LOVELY book. I want to do every single thing in there but specifically, there is crewelwork project at the back that I really would love to start right away. But I have been to every craft store in my area and can find no crewel/woolen thread. I was wondering if the needlework you do includes crewelwork and if so, where do you get your supplies?

Terri~ 1150?!?!?!? holy smokes. are you famous or something?!?!? :-) You ARE, you ARE!

Regina~ enjoy it!!! ;-)

aeolian~ I was very very VERY bad at responding in comments for the longest time, mostly because I worried that no one ever checked back and it was a waste of time. But then I began doing it and noticed that people DO check back so I have been trying VERY hard to do better at it. Most especially if questions are asked.

The questions you referred to-were they in the email or the comments posts? And if they were in the email, were they answered in some of my Q&A posts? I got a lot of questions via email which I answered in a few q&a posts. You can find them here:




If I didn't answer them there and you still remember them~ leave them for me and I *PROMISE* I will get back to you.

Meighan~ THANK YOU for all the suggestions! I am very excited to hear them! I appreciate you taking the time!

Leah T. said...

The angel food cake looks delicious! Yum!

I think your idea for curtains is fabulous! My mo made curtains with burlap once and it looked very nice.

I hope you're able to replace your washing machine soon. I know how quickly laundry piles up for a large, homesteading family!

I'm going to have to find Downton Abbey now that I've heard so many people mention it. :)

I never did any embroidery but I used to do a lot of cross-stitch before having children. I'd much rather knit or spin now.

I'm another one of your "followers" that you'll never get rid of. ;)

I like to use canning jars as glasses, too. But a pitcher works! LOL

And I'm SO GLAD that you are still on Pinterest! I LOVE seeing your pins. :)

Mrs. Rebekah S. said...

Hmmm...I don't know if I am a follower--all this is new to me, though I've read here for a couple of years and only worked up the nerve to (gulp) comment about a year ago. ;) But I check frequently to see what you have to say and always come away inspired by the beauty and biblical perspective you bring to daily life. (And how much you pack into the day--whew! I admire that so!) I know very few IRL people with interests and goals similar to my own and for the past five years have lived in countries where home education is not so popular so it is truly a balm to me to find "Kindred Spirits" even if mostly only on the blogosphere for now.

But, anyway, I'm really sorry to hear about your washer--that is truly such a trying situation to be in. Praying there's a good solution soon.

Also, I don't have an angel food cake pan--or even a bundt pan of any sort. Can an angel food cake be baked in other pans, like splitting up the batter? I don't want to use all those eggs without knowing if I can successfully bake one first and really have a craving for some. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Mrs. Rebekah S- You can bake an angel food cake by splitting it into two loaf pans like you'd bake bread in.

Rebecca said...

Leah T.~ I can understand the whole cross-stitch vs spinning thing and how spinning won out! :-)

As for Downton Abbey~ I do warn you there is two scenes that I really could have done without about a gay footman. I hate that perverseness seems to come up in every film these days. It nearly turned me off completely but after it was done it was done and season 1 was great afterwards so I would say it is still worthwhile to watch.

Mrs. Rebekah S.~ I always lamented not having my name spelled that way. I hated being the unbiblical, unbeautiful plain Jane "ecca" variety. :-) I don't know why I just told you that but there it is. Enjoy your elegant, beautiful name. ;-)

As for the angel food cake, I have done angel food cake in a bundt pan and it worked though did'nt rise as well and the edges get done faster. I don't know about other pans but I was considering epxerimenting the day I made two with an 13x9 inch pan but didn't. When I do~ I will let you know the results.

Bonnie said...

I went to turn it off at that moment too, for the very same reason! Sorry, I thought I warned you, but it must have been someone else!

Meighan said...

WOW! I rarely comment on any of the blogs that I read, because I figure that they comments don't get read or responded to. Thank you so much for thanking me for my comment and suggestions. I love reading your blog. Our lives may be very different in some ways, but I enjoy the differences. I wish you lived in my side of the state, becuase I could buy your fresh eggs. We lost our egg connection and I miss those fresh eggs.

ulli said...

Hmmm, I left a message here yesterday and I don't see it now... here's a repeat

I haven't done crewel work for a long time so I haven't purchased supplies lately, but I found (after a quick internet search) that Purl Soho has the wool thread in many colors.


Rebecca said...

oh THANK You! I appreciate it!

jaya said...

hey, I was a follower, now I changed my google ID and I now subscribe to your posts via google reader(so I don't show up as a follower). it's so much easier to set up, so I did not think twice about it. Sorry to see you sad about the viewership..

Elizabeth said...

I found your blog a long, long while ago as I was looking for a bread cloth tutorial and loved yours! I am a fellow homeschool mom/crafter and have enjoyed checking in now and again. Now have joined the ranks of followers!