What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Messy (A blog post where I admit my failings in order to prolong the inevitable .)

I am sitting in the Spare Oom which is not a spare room at all since there is no room for a spare bed in it. Rather, it is more like a "Catch All" room that is just big enough for our mansion-sized office desk and computer and my excessive amount of craft supplies and a very lonely cradle which has no place else to go and no one else to fill it. And yet, I still call it the Spare Oom. It fits, even though it doesn't. Kinda like my pants.

Last week (two weeks ago?) my sister (who is in the process of moving into her new home) asked me over to look through bags (and bags and bags and bags) of yarn that was left at her new house for her to take care of. It was 8 garbage bags (or cans) full, if I remember correctly. I was as good as I *could* be given it was free yarn *yarn is expensive, people* and in many cases there were skeins and skeins of the same color. How can a girl turn that down? I came home with two garbage bags full.

TWO garbage bags full. (And that was good?)

But you see, I left SIX garbage bags full of beautiful free yarn there. Let's think about it THAT way, shall we?

Even still, I really have NO room for more yarn. I have a LOT of yarn as it is. Dear me.

So last night I decided I would go through the bags again-sort it and find a place to put it. But the Spare Oom is SMALL, I tell you! And there is NO ROOM at the Inn.

So, the floor is covered with skeins of yarn that need a home but can not find one. The desk is full of paperwork that need stamps or filed or sorted. There are wrapping paper rolls because of a boy named Judah who can't NOT touch things to save his life (double negative. bad bad.) and there is a girl, who sits in the midst of it all...blogging.

I almost took a picture of the nightmare to post but couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead I leave you with a picture of my foot (how generous!) that I found on the camera that Matt took. Proof that, winter, spring, summer or fall-I am usually barefoot.

But in the winter, it is decidedly more chilly.


Tracy said...

You're cute! And I would not have left those two bags of yarn behind either. ;-)

Bonnie said...

Good for you, and I am always barefoot too. (And pregnant come to think of it) I believe I have bought *ONE* pair of socks for myself since I was married. Almost 8 years ago. What does that say?

Megan @ Purple Dancing Dahlias said...

Oh, you just made me feel so much better about my "room". It is so jam packed that my sewing stuff is half in storage and all my other stuff is upstairs in a room that I can barely get through (that I should be cleaning right now). Depending on the color and much to my husbands dismay, I would have brought home more than two bags :)

Anonymous said...

I have one of those rooms.... its a craft/overflow room... i tend not to use it because its upstairs and we usually only go upstairs to use the bath for the kiddos. And i dont think i have ever threaded a bobbin correct so i dont really use the sewing machine in that room. OH well. SO your not alone!

thanks for making me smile! AND i love slippers : )

Cathy said...

Barefoot is always my first choice, too. And Chesterton does talk about the housewife making the most of every bit of everything, in order to make the most of her husband's income. I think it's in The Romance of Thrift article. So you're right in there. And everyone should have a Spare Oom--so Narnia-ish...thanks.

Rebecca said...

Cathy~ must read that article. Sounds right up my alley! ;-)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and loving it. :) This may be my first comment, I'm not sure.
I will be dreaming about those 6 leftover bags of yarn all day - oh, I would have had such a hard time narrowing it down to just 2 to take - like you say, yarn IS expensive!! And as for your Spare Oom (love it), I have one of those, and am jealous that yours actually had enough space on the floor to spread out all that yarn. I can barely see the floor in mine. {sigh}

Rebecca said...

nicole. you crack me up. From your name (me.too.) to the dreaming of yarn. Thanks for the smile.

...they call me mommy... said...

I'm the same way with barefeet...except at the end of Phoebe's pregnancy, I, all of a sudden, became super cold-blooded?!!! And I'm still that way as of late...weird. I'm always freezing and pulling on socks...I even wear Amos' socks if I can't find any of my own. Ahh, the things pregnancy does to you. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Being a yarn addict myself I can say that you used amazing restraint in coming away with only 2 bags! Scarves, hats, prayer shawls...the possibilities are endless both to provide for your own family and to minister to others. Do I sound like an enabler? I won't talk about my own growing yarn stash...lol.