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Monday, February 06, 2012

Chicken Feeding Time

Thanks to a friend who shares her surplus, almost every week we are able to get grocery store cast-offs of bread and bakery items past there prime. I do as much as I can with the bread myself (making croutons, bread cubes for stuffing, bread crumbs, using in recipes or just plain eating) but what we can't use (or don't prefer to use) we give to the chickens.

Most of the time, when we do, all of the animals come out of the woodwork but today I had only one "helper".

This is Chester.

Chester doesn't mind getting crumbs all over him-or even the chickens pecking said crumbs off his back- if it means he gets a few nibbles himself.

I think bread-eating cats and dogs are funny. And I rather like the company.


Bonnie said...

Chicken envy and do you ever NOT look gorgeous and elegant? Deny all you want. ('cuz I know you will) I don't believe you though.
P.S. LOVE the boots.

Amanda said...

If my husband saw this photo of you with the animals...he'd probably say, is she your twin sister?? :) He can(and I can) totally see this being me at some point!! I love your chickens and Chester for putting up with them pecking the crumbs off his back! How cute!!!!

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ it was a town day. And thanks for saying so, since all I see in these photos is double chins and chub. You do wonders for a girls esteem!

Amanda~ I hope it is you someday, if that is what you wish! Chickens are great fun to have. As are their eggs. More on THAT later in the week though! ;-)

...they call me mommy... said...

I second, Bonnie. You look lovely! :) And I also like your boots! :)

Love the chickens...I just got six but they are at my BIL's house. We have got to make a better coop of some sort. Now we've been seeing TWO coyotes near our home. :/ Not sure how well the chickens will mix with them!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing.. do you always look this nice feeding chickens!!! so much for jeans and fleece!

-Bobbi : )

And thanks for all the congrats... Rebecca hope you got my email! Newborns are different, its amazing how quick we forget! i have a 14 month old! : )

Mary said...

A Chicken post !! Thank you.

Can you also post about what breeds you have ? We cannot have chickens now, but I read up on them in the hopes of someday.

You look very elegant for feeding chickens.

Leah T. said...

You look great, Rebecca! We plan to get some new laying hens this spring. The ones we have now are getting older and not laying as many eggs. We miss our eggs! :(

Jerelene said...

Love all the pics of you with the chickens!..and you always look lovely:) I have 12 and they are so fun to have. We have had a mild winter here. Mine have been doing very well as for laying, even with it being winter. I usually always get 9 or 10 eggs. There are occasional days when I only get 7 or 8. I love that the cat doesn't hurt the chickens. We have lots of wild cats here and I am afraid that they might hurt mine. Mine stay in a pen. That and we often have dogs running around too.
I LOVE your boots! Even though I don't always leave comments..I am always reading:) Blessings to you and your sweet family!