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Friday, May 04, 2012

30 Growing Things


Last night we had the most terrifyingly beautiful lightning storm ever.  It lasted for five hours, shook the house to pieces, lit up all four walls with flashes of light and felt very much like our Little House was planted smack dab in the middle of a ThunderMountain.  Today it is hot and muggy and the sky can't decide whether to let the sun do its thing or to let the foreboding clouds overhead do theirs.

Had it not been for last nights storms, I would be doing a first planting in the garden right about now.  Instead of planting potatoes and lettuce today, I get to deep clean the boys' bedroom and pine for dirt.  I figure it is a perfect day for a list of growing things. 

So-a list of 30 things growing in my yard at this very minute:


1* Luscious green grass.  (I know.  Not really impressive to you-but, after the winter doldrums, soft green grass is a thrill to have for me.)
2* Sedum
3* White lilacs (oh, how I wish they were purple!)
4* Tiger Lilies
5* Irises
6* Daffodils
7* Outhouse Plant
8* Peonies
9* Apples (I told you I wouldn't kill them!)
10* Snowball hydrangea
11* Hosta
12* Lily of the Valley
13* Rhododendron
14* Azalea
15* Roses
16* Lavender
17* Black eyed Susans
18* Filberts (hazelnut)
19* Tulip
20* Dahlia
21* Violets (maybe I'll be making violet jelly one of these days...)
22* Mint
23* Rosemary
24* Chives
25* Oregano
26* Plantain (hey!  It is good stuff!)
27* Strawberries
28* Clematis
29* Thyme
30* Children (it's true!  Children grow best in dirt!)


Now, naturally, not all of them are in bloom (most of them aren't, in fact!)-but they will be.  And that is what matters.  Some glorious summer day I can begin my morning and nightly yard strolls again-and there will actually be something to see!

It looks like an amazing list but many of them are transplants from our old house and so are quite small...not nearly as Tasha Tudor Wild as I would like it to be.  But someday.


Ahhhh-the colors of summer....How I miss thee.


Bonnie said...

Jealous of all that is growing! B. might be tilling this weekend, but we shall see. We had thunder and lightning the other night, and it was muggy all day yesterday. Today, other than being a bit on the windy side, is perfect.

...they call me mommy... said...

We've had the same kinda weather...we even had hail yesterday and the kids went out after and taste tested it. ;) I know, what weird (but cute) children I have! :D The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I say! You have a glorious growing things list! I have mostly CREEPING CHARLIE!! ;)


...they call me mommy... said...

Oh and those flower photos...swoon!

Bobbi Anderson said...

Wonderful photos... It is a creative God we serve who could come up with such fun colors and fun ways for flowers to open!!!
And Awesome for all the transplants! I love my perennials! My sister has turned me on to the concept of permaculture... a new goal is to move towards more perennial edibles! : ) Ill have to get your address and send you some columbine seeds, they are blooming right now and spread and seed so beautifully!
Happy ALMOST 30!