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Friday, May 25, 2012

Holy Cholesterol!



Yesterday looked a bit like this:

10 eggs............ Scrambled eggs for breakfast
6 eggs  ............Three loaves of eggbread
27 eggs ........... Pickled Beet Eggs (these store for six weeks but never actually LAST that long)
5 eggs..............Deviled eggs, for supper last night
12 eggs........... Egg salad (for today's lunch.)
14 eggs............ Breakfast strata (for this morning)
12 egg whites... Strawberry Angel Food Cake
12 egg yolks..... Vanilla Bean custard ice cream
                 and.. Vanilla pudding (we ate it for dessert last night)

Grand Total86 eggs

I was kicking myself for not have any fresh lemons in the house.  Lemon curd would have used up 16 some egg yolks! 

I *almost* made eggnog for snack time, but the children went visiting neighbors and skipped snack altogether.

And I ran out of time to make some homemade noodles-which, incidentally would have paired really well with the venison stroganoff I made for dinner last night.

I bet I could break a hundred one of these days...

Still, 86 ain't bad.


Rosemary said...

Your hens must be very happy and content. Go girls, go!

The food photos loo su yummy.

Mary said...

Can Christians be jealous ? I sure am :)

Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

I think I need some chickens! LOL

Sandy said...

Too delicious looking! Any chance of getting the recipes?:-)

Marlene Bibby said...

Okay, I am hungry now!

Quinn said...

Bravo!! That is an impressive tally of egg products! What a great challenge :)

Anonymous said...

How do you incorporate the strawberries into the cake? Love the pretty pink cake it makes!

You're one busy gal...everything looks scrumptous!!!

Blessings always,

Anonymous said...

But seriously----DO you worry about cholesterol? My husband is on Lipitor and would be very jealous of all the eggs your family gets to enjoy!:) I know for kids it isn't an issue, but do you or Matt have to watch this stuff at all? If not----we are jealous!!!:)

Rebecca said...

Sandy~ yes there is. ESPECIALLY the ice cream one-which turned out super good! And perfect for this HOT weather we are having!

Janet~ Because it isn't strawberry season here just yet (oh-I am WAITING!!!!!!!) I just added some strawberry extract and a drop or two of red food coloring. The strawberry flavor is very subtle in the cake but I think made for a very festive looking cake. What I REALLY wanted to do was make lemon curd to go with it-but never had the chance.

Anonymous~ we don't worry about the cholesterol because there are two types of cholesterol, (LDL and HDL) one is good and one is bad. The bad stuff is LDL and causes problems for you but the HDL actually can HELP cholesterol problems. But also- doctors are saying now heart disease and cholesterol has more to do with saturated fats than they originally thought. So even cholesterol isn't the main enemy.

Read this:

Eggs are so packed with good, nutritious and healthful things that we don't give a second thought to eating our eggs-and often.

For your husband on medication-you can still make plenty of angel food cake though (and meringue cookies) as there is no cholesterol in the egg WHITES.

And if I am wrong about the cholesterol thing-we'll find out!!! ;-)