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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursdays Dose of Cute

I told her to run and get her jammies on.  She came back out like this:



In other news:

Two weeks ago a deer decided to commit suicide, with my van being the lucky means to that end.
I was driving.  

It was a nasty first-time experience to car-inflicted deer death and/or hitting things with vans but all were safe and I was supremely thankful I was able to huff and puff the car into the driveway instead of having to hike with a van full of children, to the nearest house (which in the country, with no cell reception, would be a lengthy jaunt.)  though the drive was not a pleasant one; with the hysterical wails and sobs of children who believed their mother was a murderer.

Well, two weeks of being without a car later, today I pick it up!  Yay!  The best part?

They fixed the air-conditioning that has been broken for two years!  DOUBLE YAY!  

In other, more pressing news:

I am again, overwhelmed with eggs so I have declared today an  EGG-STRAVAGANZA day.  EGGSTRAVAGANZA days (for those of you new to the term) are days in which I try to use as many eggs as humanly possible in one day. 

I'll let you know how I do!  



Bonnie said...

Ha, she sure is cute! Bummer about the deer, yay about the air. (gulp, did I just say that? I who am the self proclaimed A/C hater???)


Grocery shopping and such going on here today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the deer incident...glad you're all okay. Have you thought of selling some of your eggs? A gal my husband works with sells them at work for 1.50 a dozen. Those of us who don't have chickens LOVE getting fresh eggs! Absolutely enjoying all your pics...sure took me back to planting potatoes with my grandma...how do you manage to store your potatoes through the winter....mine seem to sprout almost immediately...ack! Keep on posting....you always brighten my day!

Blessings always,

Terri said...

Love that picture!!! Too cute. I would have been wailing and crying too if I hit a deer.

I remember driving down the highway in college and having these two baby racoons careen across the road in front of me. They looked up at me with their little eyes before I ran them down. :-( I cried all the way home! I'm such a baby.

Marlene Bibby said...

I knew that girl took after her momma!

Louise said...

That is one large dose of cuteness! :-)

I can't think of anything better to say about the deer incident except that I'm glad it wasn't me. I'm also glad you get A/C now!