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Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Pretty, Happy Funny, Real}


I made a tulip hat for Adele' last Easter to match her dress and never actually showed it to you.   She wore it for thanksgiving and it was left at the hosts' house and was only just returned to us.  We didn't have it for much of the winter, but I have a feeling we will be making up for lost time.  (The free pattern is here.)


They made snowpeople and wanted me to see...and awwww------ it was so sweet! It makes me happy to see children loving babies, even snow ones.


Two funny stories, perfect for Valentine's Day...

Funny Story #1~ but first, let's set the stage.  (The stage is very important, as you will soon see.)

Matt was working out on a barn alongside HIS FATHER and HIS BROTHER.  MY father-in-law and borther-in-law (in case you missed it.)  The children were working/playing nearby.  They were chatting about something that happened last night (perhaps insinuating things, perhaps not), when Corynn pipes up triumphantly "I know what you and Mama do at night!  I know ALL about it. I hear you!"  to which Matt, rather nervously replies... "Oh- yeah?  What Corynn?"  

"You and Mama have tickle-fights!  I hear Mama screaming and laughing all the time!"

WOW.  Really?  Did that just happen?  In front of my father-in-law?  Greeeeeeeeaaaat.

Funny Story #2~ We were working on "awesome alliterations" and Corynn was sitting at the table coming up with different ones.

"Awesome Andrew"
"Great Grammar"

all very safe.  Until she came up with this one:

"Mating Mattie"

It's all very innocent, I assure you.  But nevertheless, it scares the bejeebers out of me. 


As if the above stories weren't 'real' enough for you, you get breakfast this morning!

Have yourself a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Kathy said...

I think I'm blushing.
The snow babies are so precious and I love the tulip for a tulip - very pretty!

Bonnie said...


Such a cute girl for that hat to set on : )

Rebekah Es said...

My goodness your photography is beautiful! And I don't believe I have ever seen a snow baby cradled in a mother's arms! Very, very sweet.

Tracy said...

Lovely stories that make my heart glad. In my opinion, children SHOULD know (to some extent) what Mommy and Daddy do at night. It makes marriage seem exciting instead of all work and no "play".

Tacy said...

hahaha:) LOVE. that hat. oh if only i had that talent....

Leah said...


Kellie said...

ADORABLE hat. makes me want to pull out my knitting needles again after a maternity hiatus.

i love your blog- bookmarking it :^)

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why my husband and I will never have a bedroom underneath ours :)

Jamie Allen said...

what i would LOVE to know is how your FIL and BIL responded. that is too funny!

Miranda said...

Ha! Now that is a funny story!

I have never heard of this link up! Sounds pretty cool. I am so slacking right now in the picture taking department!

beth said...

your adele' in tulip hat - *heart*

the snowmama with snowbaby is precious and speaks volumes about the depth of love known by the ones who crafted it -

been wondering much whether matt's birthday gift arrived - hope so!


Terri said...

Adorable hat. Adorable snowman baby. Adorable stories! Love this post, Rebecca!

...they call me mommy... said...


Wendy said...

Uh oh...I tried to leave a message before and it didn't take, so if you get two...oh well.

Yes! Let's do a girls night out!!! Hooray! That is just what I need! Let me know some days that would work for you and I will try to make it work! Hooray!

I love the tulip hat, and am going to try to make one too if it is not too hard. Job well done!

I can't wait to go and tell Cory about Corynn! Hehehe...Love it!

Anonymous said...
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Jerelene said...

Love the tulip hat...I just wish it were knitted instead of crocheted! ...and the snowbaby is adorable! Kids say the cutest things....:-) Your kiddos are adorable! Blessings

Full of Grace said...

I Love all these photos!! I absolutely ADORE that hat! You are amazing! :)

Full of Grace said...

Oh, and those Valentine's stories crack me up..We had a similar story happen recently but I'll share it with you privately Later! ;)