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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Woodmizer Weekend

Warning: BOY POST!

It was rainy and dreary on all of Matt's days off, but that didn't stop him from getting some lumber cut. 
He and his brothers and his Dad worked tirelessly (doding raindroplets all the while) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday evening, when they were all done for the day and packing things up, the sun finally poked its head out.  (That was just wrong.)  

In the end, an astonishing amount of wood was made into all different sized cuts of lumber.  

They sawed lumber for three different people.  Matt is using his lumber for different projects which you will be seeing in future "boy posts".  The first project, however, will most likely be repairing the haymow floor so we can store hay up there.   

If you've noticed, I might have taken more pictures of Matt than of the wood and bandmill.  There is a perfectly logical explanation for that.

The thing is:  wood...it doesn't really interest me all that much.  

Matt, on the other hand, interests me a whole lot. 


Bonnie said...

That is a lot of wood. (Because I'm really good at stating the obvious.) the picture of Ruby(?) cracks me up, she looks cross eyed. That last picture of Matt is a Corynn look if I ever saw one. And the iPad is being finicky and most of the other pictures aren't showing up, so I guess that's all.
Ain't no vacations happenin' 'round here neither. If we ever went anywhere, I'd pick Maine.

Tracy said...

As it should be... ;-)

Ruth said...

Wow these pictures make me feel nostalgic... My husband owned a Woodmizer for a few years. I used to enjoy helping him when I could :) Some sweet day we'll own one again :)

Now that sound is ringing plainly in my ears.....

Rosemary said...

Love The puppy's eyes.

Julian said...

Way to go boys! Hope your weekend had some fun spots in it;). My husband always has a ling list if peojects on his long weekend too:).

Anna Yager said...

I love it! "Matt interests me a whole lot". What a great testimony to love! My son Matt is also a Woodmizer guy (he actually has 2 mills but I can't remember the other kind) and when we visit them my husband spends many happy hours helping him mill wood (usually redwood - our property is in a redwood forest). My Matt also loves - and owns - big equipment (D8's for example), but nothing of his is anywhere near as beautiful as that blue front end loader in the photos. It looks brand new!

Rebecca said...

Bonnie- I looked again and started laughing so hard. I never saw it that way (kinda like those pictures of two things and you see what you see) but looking at it that way-it is hilarious! Funny you should pick Maine- Matt is there for work this week!

Ruth and Anna- sad to say but the woodmizer was 'rented' for the occasion and the shiny blue tractor, Anna, is Matt's fathers, not his. We are starting a woodmizer fund though- so someday (hopefully soonish) He will have one to call his own. :-)

beth said...

can't resist asking -- when does the beard appear? first frost?

Rebecca said...

gasp! BETH! Don't give him any ideas!

(November 1st and not a day sooner! :-)

Psalms w guitar said...

Really cool, Newman's! Martha thinks it's neat too. Maybe you guys can make me some wood someday so I don't have to buy the cheap stuff they sell it stores nowadays!

Definitely rugged!