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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Ice Cream "Sundaes"

My two favorite ice creams in the world:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and Mint Chocolate Chip.

I tried the whole Peanut Butter and Chocolate bit and was disappointed.
I tried Mint Chocolate chip and I hit it out of the ballpark.

WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.  There she goes!

This ice cream tastes like you bought it from the store.  I kid you not.

I would like to try a variation some day (when my mint patch is finally ginormous) that involves steeping real mint leaves in the cream before freezing...but until then, peppermint extract does the job quite nicely.

I liked this ice cream so much that when I taste-tested it two Fridays ago after the children were in bed,  I promptly decided that I wouldn't tell them I made it.  (What they don't know won't hurt them.)  I then proceeded to eat the entire container over the next week.  It is that good.

Go make it already- and then... invite me over.


Catie said...

Mint choc. chip is my FAVE!!! It's the best. Could you send me some of yours? It looks to DIE FOR!! :)

Veronica @ A Quiet Heart said...

Yet another reason I like you...We share the same taste in ice cream!! :) My favorites are Chocolate Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate Chip too! :) Your Mint Chocolate Chip looks delicious...but I'm sure it would be amazing with fresh mint too. :)

Rosemary said...

Mint chocolate chip, my fav followeds by cappuccino and vanilla.

Emma said...

I seriously don't know how you achieve all of this with 4 babies in tow...please enlighten me!!!
I often ponder how less stressful life would be without the school run and I wonder if this is one reason why you achieve so much???
Youe blog is my happy place!

Leah said...

Ok, here's a proposition. You make me up a batch and freeze pack and send it to me and I will pay whatever you ask! Because I know I won't get around to making it no matter how great my intentions, and mint chop is one of my all time favorites. Just think about it - up to half my kingdom. ;D Tempting eh??? (Well, tempting to anyone who doesn't know the size of my kingdom... :P)

Rebecca said...

All you ladies have good taste! ;-)

Leah- I totally would, but this ACTUALLY tastes like the store bought kind so....well, you could just go buy some for a few bucks. ;-)

Emma~ I'll tell you how. I get to eat ice cream afterward. So I MAKE time to make it. ;-)

Marie said...

I make a mint chocolate chip ice-cream at the restaurant, and I steep the milk over night with real mint. You definitely HAVE to try it!! The fresh mint adds a whole new depth of flavor! I also add peppermint extract. These combined create a perfect balance of earthy, floral mint and bright, cold peppermint! Also the chocolate you pair with makes a difference. I prefer milk chocolate :-)

Abigail said...

My favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream of all time is Breyer's (before they started added fake junk to it and used just milk, sugar, cream, peppermint, and chocolate). It was crumbly and perfect. I think it's funny that everyone want creamy stuff when all I'm searching for is the crumbly mint ice cream of my youth! Truth be told, though, I happily scarf the creamy, too.

Rabbit trail aside, yours looks divine.