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Thursday, September 05, 2013

My {P,H,F,R} Week ~in one big photo dump~


I have intended to blog this week, really I have.  But such is the way of things.  

This week.  Oh, this week has been a busy one.  A Pretty one.  A Happy One.  A Funny one.  But a busy one.

So instead of small nibbles that actually taste good- I have given you an enormous pot of things that were really never meant to be together.  There is a slight chance that it will somehow miraculously 'work'.  There is an even better chance this post may make you nauseous- but if I am ever to get caught up, then indigestion it must be. 

Let's hope, instead, it turns out something more like Hungarian Goulash:

(I don't know why I am referring to a blog post as something edible.  I must be hungry.)


Laundry soap.

I canned pears.  I forgot how much I hate canning pears.  Home canned pears taste DIVINE, but they are persnickety things to can. 

In a matter of seconds the sky went from this:

to this: 

I made such a pretty pineapple jalapeno salsa using only orange tomatoes.  


The garden isn't quite as pretty these days.  Certain things are dying out and I am so busy harvesting that I haven't weeded in a month.  There is one death that is always welcome.  The gardens' death after a fruitful year.  The exhaustion makes it a welcome sight.


~ no broken limbs so far on the trampoline.  Lots of bouncing boys and flying girls and plenty of flips though.

The corn is finally starting to be ready to eat!  Nothing better for a long day in the kitchen than to throw a bunch of ears in the canning pot and call it dinner.


A storm was rolling in- and oh, it was a scary one too!- 

The Mister was hauling logs in preparation for a big day sawing.  He kept going and going until I finally went out and got him.  Within three minutes the sky opened up, thunder rumbled us out of our chairs and lightening cracked.  What would he do without me, I wonder?

Be electrocuted.  That's what.


Penny, our Jersey, is a beauty.  I should say, pretty as a....Penny.  ;-)  Her most beautiful feature must undoubtedly be her plump and shapely lips.  Any girl would envy them, no?

If only they would aid her in getting some 'action'- the girl has been in heat twice now and goes hoarse from begging moooo-ing for 'it'- if you know what I mean.

She still measures pretty small to breed.  I am not sure how much longer she can hold off though.  A girl after my own heart. 


Plenty of summer days have been "GARDEN LUNCH!" days in which I say they may eat of ANYTHING that is in the garden and as MUCH as they can fit in their bellies.  I don't know if this makes me a bad mother or a good one- maybe just a lazy one.  But it is pretty funny to see children eating green peppers like apples.


He's tired:

He's not:


The only thing missing from this picture is a sleeveless shirt so I can see those bulging muscles.  ;-)


I won't lie.  I was slightly (okay, a lot) overwhelmed this week when we picked enough tomatoes to fill a small kiddie pool.  I did the picking/washing/squeezo-ing....all...day...long...yesterday and today I will get it all canned.  The sauce is cooking down as we speak.

I've been wearing my hair like so to keep my pesky bangs out of my face (tomato hands swiping irritating bangs isn't a desirable look.)  Corynn asked me why I was wearing the bandanna backwards and I didn't really know.  

And then it suddenly occurred to me.  

A subliminal message to myself and all other busy ladies during these last few weeks of crazy-busy:


Rosie said...

Love this! Photo dumps with GOOD photos are totally fine by me :)

We did "garden snack" today, in which the kids ate every single thing I had harvested this morning (which really wasn't much - some cherry tomatoes and raw green beans, since we have a teeny garden this year) but it made me excited for a bigger garden when I can let them loose on the produce!

And the cow in heat - too funny!

Quinn said...

Experiencing some major garden envy right now. I found my fingers itching to at least flip through a seed catalogue the other day. Something, anything to remind me I'm a gardener!! At least I have the bit of fruit!

That is the most interesting amphibian I've ever seen- how beautiful!

And speaking of beautiful, Penny is still reigning Princess of The Most Beautiful-est Jersey I've Ever Seen.

Pink Panda said...

Would love, love, love to have a Garden like yours one day! Can you do a tutorial next year on how to begin? Fertilizer needed? What to start with? Square Gardening? Pretty please? Love your pics!

Jill Foley said...

I love it all!

Mary said...

Wow! So many beautiful pictures of your very busy life. Beautiful!

Rosemary said...

I love Penney and your scarf.

Renata said...

I loved this post and I know what you mean about your jersey. It's so hard knowing exactly when to get the, in calf for the first time. We waited entirely too long with our Bessy. When I went to milk Bess the other day she greeted me with trying to 'mount' me. It's kinda scary having a full grown cow jump on you. I think it must be time to send her back out to the bull for round two:). I have total garden envy when I look at your beautiful pictures. In fact I have started entirely too many seeds after all your beautiful pictures ( I used your tutorial and have kept them inside this year and they are starting beautifully so thank you). Here's hoping we have a cooler, wetter summer than last year. When you mentioned Penny is a girl after your own heart I had to giggle -I got a mental image of you 'mooing' all day long....
Have a beautiful, wonderful day

Renata said...

P.s. sorry about the spelling and grammar errors- I am terrible at typing on this ipad :(

...they call me mommy... said...

LOL! You are cuter than Rosie the Riveter! ;) I saw one where they had edited it to make her pregnant! :P

Bonnie said...

I love photo dumps!

Oh you're garden.... Ours rallied a bit though, so that's good.
And I agree with Amy, You are *much* cuter than Rosie the Riveter : )

Lovely photos, one and all!

(Part one is finally up)

Leah said...

Ok, forget the ice cream. How about I buy me a bunch of jars of canned tomatoes from you??? :D

I've been buying canned tomatoes by the shopping basket full to make my summer spaghetti every week, for us, and for company. Oh, and for a church wedding last week. I'm sure yours would be far better though. ;)

I love looking at pictures of your garden harvests. I can at least dream of getting a garden someday, right?

Emma Zackley said...

*sigh* how beautiful your home and garden looks. I am very guilty of coveting right now, even though I know I do not have the will power to keep up with all of that!
"electrocuted that's what" actually made me laugh out loud! Thank you, I needed that, this week is a rough one for me xxx

Full of Grace said...

Lovin the Bandana!! :) I think your garden still looks lovely! Look at all that produce...Very Jealous!

Rebecca said...

Rosie- the other rule to garden lunch is that THEY have to harvest it...they can't eat what *I* have harvested. Or I would have to do it again. ;-)

Quinn- while you envy the tomatoes, I'll envy the free grapes. The Lord is probably shaking His head at both of us right now. :-)

Pink Panda- remind me, kay?

Renata- Penny TOTALLY tried to do that this week! And yes, it was a wee bit scary. And a wee bit embarassing too because the gasline workers saw it. (ack)

Amy and Bonnie- you know I never knew "she" had a name! It took me the longest time trying to figure out what you meant! (blonde.)

Leah- my husband has asked me why we don't have spaghetti more often and I told him this year, we may just have to start a weekly tradition to get rid of all this sauce! :-)

Emma- hope it is looking up!

Elizabeth- when you feel jealous- just remember that I had to plant it, weed it, harvest it and can it and all that work filled up my summer days while YOU were off sunbathing at a villa and splashing in the beach. Yeah. That puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

Full of Grace said...

All I can say it Touche' (is that spelled right?) ;) Enough Said :)

Abigail said...

Those MELONS! I still can't get over them. And those TOMATOES! What a blessing!

Those LIPS! They're amazing; you're right. (Just between you and I, though, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Penny's using Lip Plump on the sly...)