What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vacation Days

Matt has off for the rest of the week.  

And you know what THAT means...

We'll be busy....working.

Yes, while some people go to villas by a sandy beach (Elizabeth!) or to A New York State Fair that has enough adventure for a week (Abigail!) or on a trek to the mountains or on a cruise or- ANYWHERE AT ALL....on OUR vacation days we stinkin' work.

(You can probably guess how much I LOVE working harder and seeing my husband LESS on his "vacations" than when he is at work.)  But alas, it is my lot in life.

Some day I dream setting money aside every year to take a few days off where we go away on adventures.  I wouldn't go to Disney World or the beach (okay, maybe ONCE the beach) but instead, I would travel to intriguing places.  Places where I could easily justify the trip as schoolwork.

The Grand Canyon, Gettysburg, Glass BeachTasha Tudor Museum, the Creation Museum, Yellowstone, the Sequoia National Park, The Warfield Fossil Museum and Dig site, a safari...(Okay.must.stop.dreaming.)

ANYWAY.  Matt has big plans to saw up a bunch of lumber.  


And when I say a bunch, I mean.... a bunch.

Meanwhile, when I am not making sure little limbs are getting cut off by a bandmill, I will be working on a few projects of my own.

1) Organizing the school room and getting a plan for the coming month of school and ordering books already.

2) Canning tomatoes.

3) Switching over summer/winter clothing and sorting through the bins of clothing.  (This is a BIG one because the bins are now across the road in the Granary.)

Speaking of that last one- do you remember what my big project was last year?  The big, huge, hot, sweaty one that took practically all summer?

Organizing the Granary and all the clothing bins to be in order by gender and size.  It was great.


A week or so ago I went up to the Granary- the children had disappeared in there for days upon days and I was thankful for their busyness and productive playing.  I figured with all the tidy, clean, open floor space, they were coloring or playing cards or something.

Little did I know- they were UNDOING all my hard work by making a "house" full of tunnels and rooms.  They took clothes out to "decorate", unloading a bunch of shoes to make a shoestore and made tunnels leading from the "boy" room to the "girl" room and down to the lower level.

It was really kind of awesome.

Except NOT awesome for me.

So- while I will be sorting and switching clothes (and probably well into Fall), I will be organizing the granary.  AGAIN.

This time though, I think I will build a tunnel leading to a hidden room inside the "organized space".  Maybe that will give them enough 'secret fort' to leave the organizing to me.

PS.  We are a no-animals-in-the-house kind of family.  
And yet, Percival doesn't seem to mind ignoring that rule.  Every.Time.Someone.Opens.The.Door.
Insufferable cat.


Kimberly said...

Percival looks so perfect cuddled up there...Surely you can let him relax for just a little bit? :)

Rebecca said...

Yes, let him rest, how can you resist?

debbie said...

why no animal zone someone allergic

Mari said...

I have the opposite problem with making sure both of my cats are inside at night. We live in a suburban, almost urban, area and it is just safer for them if they are in when no one is home or it is dark

Quinn said...

Our kittens have broken a hole through the screen door and climb in whether the main door is closed or not. They just sit there between the two door patiently waiting... the minute that door is open they're in before you know what happens and up on the counters nibbling at cheese or cooling bread or whatever they can find. Aggravating doesn't begin to describe it.

And I feel you on the clothes bins. I'll bet "not me" did it.

Except I don't know if you're like me, but I'm (literally) allergic to the clothes swap. Must have some moldy clothes but it's the only thing that triggers asthma. Of course, every time we do the clothes swap I discover they're NOT how I left them.

Anonymous said...

When you live life so intently as you and your husband do work seems never ending. But when I look back to my childhood the Fall time was my favorite time of year. The crisp sharp feeling in the air, the smell of my Dad's woodstove fired up, the sound of the saw as it cut ALL THAT WOOD in order to keep us cozy and snug while the snow came down. Whenever Fall comes around it brings back all those memories and I never recall wishing we had gone somewhere "exotic." As you and Matt straighten up the yard, put the garden to rest for another year, start up homeschooling and settle in for another Winter your kids will be building memories that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime. I know mine have.

Rosemary said...

Love your kitty
My daughter's cat, Gandalf, has learned to slide the patio doors open and shut.
Cats are so smart, love them!

beth said...

please tell me the "not" in your sentence that begins with "Meanwhile" is misplaced?! - oh my! - ha.

but seriously, this post only deepened my admiration for the life your family lives and for your priorities.

blessings ~

Rebecca said...

Kimberly and Rebecca- I did. But I am not proud of it. After all, in doing so, I only feed the problem.

Debbie- because we have so many animals- I need a no-animal zone. And because I hate (HATE!) the smell of litter boxes and hate the idea of cleaning them too. And because our insufferable Percy will jump on counters and lick the butter, nibble the cheese, slurp on the eggs- which makes me livid.

(I was very bad and let him in occasionally this spring because he is a sweet cat and wanted to be in so bad- but as the summer has progressed, he has become more and more ornery.)

Though I will say- kittens, every time, make me question my resolve.

Quinn- that is such a funny story! Poor squished kittens! "Not me" didn't do it- the problem was they ALL wanted to take credit for such an awesome place they created (which was really cute, I have to tell you) They were so excited about it.

I am FIGURATIVELY allergic to the clothes swap- but I guess LITERALLY is a more serious condition! Hope it isn't so bad this year. Allergies stink.

Anonymous- I will try to convince myself of that when I am moping. Thank you.

Rosemary- yours is. Mine is just persnickity. ;-)

Beth- yes. That was a TERRIBLE sentence. I must have had children talking to me at the time...(I'll blame them.) And if you have anyone's priorities to admire- it would be Matt's because, if you read carefully, you can practically hear the whine in my voice on this post. :-)

Abigail said...

There's green grass on both sides of the fence! I always love to see the finished projects on your side of the fence, you know.

Besides, I have a feeling there's an exotic state fair in your future. Such globe-trotters... :)