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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Handpainted Egg Garland

I was looking for a strand of pastel lights (which I never did find) when I stumbled across an egg carton full of some egg shells I had handpainted for a spring craft show. Honestly, I had TOTALLY forgotten I had DONE that! It was a good surprise! Since they were sold as ornaments, I couldn't just place them in egg cups-so I strung them on a ribbon and secured them with a pin and VOILA-an egg garland!

It would be quite easy to make this-even if you just dyed the eggs instead of painted designs on them. Simply blow eggs by poking two holes (one a bit larger than the other) with a pin. Blow into the smaller of the holes (or the wimp who hates to have her cheeks hurting, me, appreciated using medicine droppers with the 'puff' end that you squeeze to do the dirty work...)

Once all the yoke is out you must rinse and let dry. You can forget about them for a day or two or pop them into the microwave for a minute.

Then, simply decorate using paints, glitter, stickers, silk flowers, etc.

Ways to display your eggs:

*Hot glue a ribbon on the end with the LARGE hole (to cover it) and hang from a vase full of branches-or string on a piece of ribbon to make a garland.
*Display each egg in an egg cup or votive holder-or get super creative and prop on the top of various sized candlesticks.
*Use as place settings at the table
*Display in baskets or nests
*Plant quickly gorwing grass seed in a pie plate or shallow bowl and place eggs in the newly grown grass for a pleasing centerpiece


Give away as gifts!
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