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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spruce Up for Spring

I almost didn't do it. The rational part of me that rears its UGLY head every now and again *ALMOST* had me convinced it would be SILLY and ridiculous to haul out some spring-time decorations when a move seems so close on the horizon. Thankfully, I SQUASHED that before I was too brainwashed! Yesterday I had JUST the motivation...and so out came my light and airy colored tablecloths, and springish decorations and lit were my lilac scented candles. Happy first day of Spring. Come see some of the changes in our home!

The candle and dried potpourri that had resided on the coffee table found a new home to make room for our sweet ducklings and a nest.
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Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Day of Spring! Your house is darling & your decorations are beautiful, as always! I love the nest on the table with the ducks! Too cute! I love the dress you made for Corynn's doll too...You are such a fun Momma!
Happy Wednesday to you!
Victoria =)

Rebecca said...

Happy Spring to you too Victoria! It is good to hear from you!

shekinahhvac said...

How darling Rebecca, I think you did a marvelous job decorating for Easter. How sweet. I must admit though, those little ducks are my favorite.

I have 2 ducks here at our mini farm, they are just the most IN-LOVE duck couple you will ever see. The male is so protective of the female,they do not part for anything, they are so sweet to watch.
Thank you for sharing with us, you have a sweet taste in home decor.


Candy said...

soo pretty!!!

Candy said...

we must be at each others blog at the same time!!
we ARE alot alike!!
I LOVED your story!!!!! Wow, what a nice friend she is to do that! What a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Rebecca said...

Shekinah~My mom had a pet duck once when she was girl-oh the stories she told! I would love to see pictures of all your animals! Then I could live my farm life vicariously through you!

Candy~I laughed because I noticed we were at each others' blogs at the same time too. hehehe That's too funny!

shekinahhvac said...

Rebecca, when I can find them I'll post some on my blog. I have many stories to share, I would love for you to see my animals.

Kelli said...

Happy Spring, Rebecca!!! I have two similiar ducks that our out on the front porch but I may have to bring them inside! They look sooooo cute on your table!!

Mrs. B. said...

I love the nest with the eggs in it. I too love spring, and I am so grateful for the seasons. They really boost one's perspective on life. Any idea where you will move yet? Are you still looking to purchase?

Elizabeth said...

Where did you get your cute little ducks? I really like them! Your house looks very pretty, but I am not surprized because it always does!:)

Rebecca said...

Shekinah~don't forget the peacocks! I think it must be so romantic to have peacocks walking about the lawn!

Kelli and Elizabeth~I just love the ducks too-there were four different styles...and it was HARD not to get all four! ;-) I got them at a place called surplus city. They look like wood but are actually resin made to look like wood. ;-)

Mrs. B~No word yet on where we are moving too. No idea yet as to whether we buy or rent, either. I would SO love to buy but our future just seems so unclear. I feel like my head is beating against a wall. That is the scoop thus far. I am looking into a house I read about in the paper-but don't have high hopes. The ad said: Farmhouse. 2 3/4 acres. 140,00 neg. with the phone number. NOT MUCH TO GO ON! ;-) Please keep us in your prayers and especially me-because I am not a patient person and the stress is starting to wear on me!