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Friday, March 23, 2007

Picnic Pictage

We were all psyched up for a picnic at the park when we drove by the entrance and saw this. Well, I am SORRY but on a beautiful day like this-and after preparing the kids for a fun outing-there was no WAY we weren't going in there. We drove around the block and then walked to the park. I know-we are lawbreakers but you know what? That was a stupid law.

(I know, I have submission issues I guess...)

Following are a SLEW of pictures from yesterday's outing. I was glad we went when we did-because just an hour after our return home, the sky opened up and it was overcast and wet the rest of the day.

I have more photos to share (non park related) but those will be for another day...the children are awake now so duty calls.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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Candy said...

Just wanted to wish ya a lovely weekend!

shekinahhvac said...

Ooooo, i am so glad at this time you had submission issues, good thing we have a forgiving Lord.
Anyways, I am so happy for you guys to do that, I am sure your kids were thrilled. We took our girls on Sunday and they loved it.

It has been such a long cold winter, we were all having "cabin fever" it was time to get out.

Can't wait to see the pictures, thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, and to you also Candy!

Shekinah~Yes, it was WELL worth it...definately lifted our spirits!

Kelli said...

Park closed for the season?? I would have done the same thing, Rebecca! LOL


Anonymous said...

You little rebels! Looks like you had a great day! The pics were lovely as usual! =)
Happy weekend to you all!

Carmichael Family said...

lol...I always said, Rules are meant to be broken, right? (well, some rules, anyway) Your picnic spot looks LOVELY! I love all the pictures.