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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Petronella Cottontail

Yesterday I was all in a tizzy to practice my newly learned colonial knot skills...but when I gathered the supplies I noticed a very bad thing. I had only 8 colors! (I think I may need to increase my selections!) I decided to forego my original plan and the colors just seemed to work well for an easter motif and so this bunniken was born!

I didn't have much foresight so I embroidered a long and narrow strip of fabric...and now I don't know what to do with it! Gotta come up with something...she is too cute to put by the wayside!

Any suggestions?!
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abigail said...

There's no way I'll catch up on commenting, but I'll scroll down to put a few popcorn comments here and there. This bunny is wonderful. I love him! Oops, I mean her. :)

Embroidery must be in the air, because I'm embroidering an elephant on a birthday apron for Annika! (Hopefully, that will spur me on to embroider the onesies I bought TWO years ago for that purpose...)

Mrs. B. said...

You could make Corynn a bib apron and use the bunny part for the bib section. Just a thought. Or you could possibly make it into a pillow. Just buy or make a small pillow (size will be determined by size of bunny)and then turn under the edges of the bunny fabric and sew it onto the front of the pillow. If it is too see thru, just put a lining (double up the bunny fabric). Hope this helps.

Will you be going to New York for your mom's birthday? Just wondering if I will see your little darlings! I can sleep with Hannah and Adrianne to make room.

Sorry if this comes up twice. I forgot to change the blogger to other the first time, so it may appear twice.

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable, Rebecca!!! Now my wheels are turning, I may have to get out my
floss. :0)
What about making her into a bookmark??
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gena said...

I thought maybe a little pillow, as well. That bunny is too cute! I've been itching to get my needle and floss out again. My girls also want to learn to embroider. I loved doing it, even when I was very young. You did a great job!


smilnsigh said...

Others will have suggestions. I'm not so good at that. But you certainly have to find a place for such a cutie pie. :-)


Rebecca said...

Abby-you are brave girl to do all that you did! :-) An elephant? That will be fun-especially if you designed it yourself-which you no doubt did! I hope I get to see some pictures of that! What are the designs to be on the onesies? I think my next Andrew-project is going to involve a few extra-terrestrials. :-)

Mrs. B~An apron! That is a great idea! I am trying to work it out that we can come up-but certainly you won't be needing to move ANYWHERE to make room for us. I would love to see you and help Mom ring in the new year! ;-)

Kelli`another good idea! Thanks! If you do bring it out-you had better show the results! ;-)

Gena~I think that is GREAT that your girls want to learn. Teach them while they are young. Everything I know I have had to teach myself for the most part...and I am STILL learning skills that I know younger people than I mastered long ago...

Mari-Nanci~I will do my best!

Carrie J said...

The first thing I thought of was a pillow as well. An apron would be cute. How about use it on a pocket of a dress or make a little Easter purse?

shekinahhvac said...

She is too cute. Marvelous job. I love it. That would be so cute in a nursery.

And thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, hubby and I had a wonderful anniversary. And YOU are stunning also.


Heather said...

Hi Rebecca... she's too cute... I'd like to learn embroidery... and I have 4 girls that would probably enjoy it as well! Great blog!

Rebecca said...

WONDERFUL ideas! My goodness! Mental note:ask advice more OFTEN! I finally decided what to do with it--the big 'reveal' will be this afternoon! ;-)