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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Petronella finds a home

Thanks for the MANY wonderful suggestions on how to put Petronella Cottontail to good use! There were so many ideas that I have some inspiration to get started on some more smallish embroidery designs! Wanna see where she finally found a home?

Well, I must start out by saying-I shoulda made a bookmark! Goodness gracious-I always get in over my head! I loved the apron idea but I made Corynn an apron for Christmas two years ago and she adores it. So-I adapted the concept into an apron for her favorite doll. After all, she has been begging to use real newborn clothes to change outfits since she didn't have doll clothes. It was a perfect idea!

But, I thought, how much cuter would it be to have a matching DRESS?

And then, as is the way with me, a apron-clad girl preparing for a good days work certainly needs a kerchief to keep those pesky plastic hair flyaways at bay! :-)

Because I was monkeying around without a pattern (one thing always leads to another...) I am not at all pleased with how the dress turned out. My first attempt had it looking like a freakishly long tight-fitting miniskirt. No no. That wouldn't do. So... I had to make silly little triangle inserts on the sides made from the coordinating apron material. Not exactly professional looking, but it IS a dress for her doll. It DOES have velcro straps so she can dress and undress her as she pleases.

She was very pleased with it. When I presented it to her-she got this very serious look on her face and said "Oh. I love it. I just love it." She went to bed a very happy girl...

And I went to bed a happy Mama. Happy she was happy-and happy to be rid of it!

On to my NEXT project...whatever THAT may be! :-)
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