What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Monday, July 21, 2008

Not even a week later...

Time has passed, hours have turned to days and days to what is nearing a week, and yet...not too much has changed and even less has been settled. It has been a ridiculously hard and busy week for Matt and I, busy and stressful to both mind and body. My swollen abdomen is only coddled in the evenings when I fall exhausted in the bed.

This week we have:

* Used up the last of the packing tape and all of the cardboard boxes available within a 100 mile radius

* Loaded two trailer loads and pickup truck beds

* Dug up perennials

* Went to our new home, The Villa, and realized that our belongings couldn't be brought in.

* Unloaded two trailer loads and pickup truck beds in a barn

* Cleaned up about 2 years worth of feed, garbage, and dust from an old workshop so that our furniture could be brought and PLACED somewhere.

* Sweated the equivalent of the Red Sea

* Replanted perennials in one random spot, until our property can be bushhogged.

* Made two 8 hour round trips with one still yet to come.

* Emptied our bank account assuming it would be worth it.

* Got our first MAIL in our new home.

* Cashed in our change jar for a grand total of $137.87!!! That is about 40 pounds less we had to move! ;-)

* Watched as only HALF of our stuff fit in the truck that we were assured could haul it all.

* Watched the kids have so much fun living at Grandma and Grandpa's house that they may never want to move with US!

* Decided that as soon as a toilet is in place and water is available, we will be moving to our new home. Regardless of a completed kitchen or Amish guys hanging from the raftors.

It has been a tremendously busy time for Matt and I, and due to various issues, all the brunt work has been placed on Matt and I. That means, the list above was done by me and my swollen belly and Matt with his swollen biceps. I know in my head that pregnant people ought not to lift so much or work so hard, but when there is no other option (and no-there wasn't) one must rise to the occasion. Matt has been a gem and has worked so hard-and has praised me for all my work, and apologized for the need of it, and been frustrated to see me at it. I just sort of joke, we are pioneers in the 21st century. Modern day Charles and Mary Ingalls. People got through it all, in worse conditions, and we will too. Not only that, but we will step out from the work as it is finished with our heads held high and our smiles proud. Proud that we accomplished so much. Proud that we worked well, worked faithfully, and did it all TOGETHER.

It has been a difficult adjustment living in the home of another. Family routines are not just altered, but abandoned altogether. Discipline has been adjusted, bedtimes lengthened, and roles of the family sacrificed. It is hard to be the leader of your family in your father's house-and this is what Matt is trying valiantly to contend with. My own roles have changed drastically too-too much.

Much in this situation has not gone RIGHT. We could have gone off the deep end many a time: in regret, disregard, unfaithfulness, unbelief and absolute MISERY. While all this MAY be true: I CHOOSE not to look at it that way. I CHOOSE to see this situation for the good it has brought and is bringing. So, I choose to not only realize, but remember and VALUE the great good that is being revealed.

~ That though we emptied ourselves of every spare penny we had, I am thankful that we DID have the necessary funds available. Our last move was made on a credit card.

~ I am thankful that Matt was able to sell mower and truck, giving us a little extra while also ridding us of the responsibility (and cost) of moving these things.

~ That I was able to be present for my new nieces' baptism, something I was unable to do at my last nieces'.

~ That Matt and I are unified in the way we feel and that we are going through it all together. It would be infinitely harder knowing that my feelings were not met with understanding.

~ That Grandma and Grandpa were able to keep the children with them on our last eight-hour trip, freeing them from being cooped up in the car unnecessarily.

~ The recognition that hasn't always been there, but is now starting to bud in Andrew's face as He enjoys our relatives.

~ That our new home happens to be snug in the midst of family and friends. While I do not really relish living in someone else's abode, I am grateful we have an option other than living among paint fumes and pulling up a bush! ;-)

~That today is the first day of Matt's new and long-coveted job.

~ That we are slowly getting closer to dreams fulfilled.

~ That through it all, we have God's promises to lift us up and make us strong. He is here for us and He is in control. And He will not give us more than we can handle.

I have been able to get access to a computer only the (now) two times I have posted since this all began and so, return comments are out of the picture. So are visiting other blogs, commenting on them, and even posting pictures to my posts . For this reason, I want to thank each of you who offered encouragement in my last post. I can not overstay my welcome on this borrowed computer to thank you all individually, but I DO want you to know that I have cherished each comment and pondered them in my heart long and hard, returning to them in my darkest hours. I really, REALLY appreciate having not only an outlet to just let it all go but one that supports and encourages me along the way. You all are just so great. I don't know what I'd do without you, and that is no joke.



Stefanie said...

Know that this will pass

Know that you are encouraging to others

Know that others are going through similar trials

Know that it does get easier, everyday we make progress towards making or remaking a home.

Andie said...

I made my last move at 8 months pregnant. I did the majority of the packing, moving of boxes, and unnpacking. I understand what it is to know in your head and heart that you shouldn't be doing these things, but that you must. I have been praying for you, and will continue. Blessings on your continued state of transition. Just knowing that living with family won't be forever is, hopefully, some comfort. Knowing that soon you will be able to live in your own wonderful home. I pray Matt's first day at his new job is wonderful and gives you all hope for the future!

abigail said...

ARGH! Do you have our phone number?

I tried calling the only number we have for you, and there was no answer and no answering machine robot with whom I could leave a message. And, yeah, I hate phones as much as you do, so this was courageous. :)

I feel AWFUL that you had to do all this work by yourselves. John and I would have been willing and happy to add our sweat to yours or to bypass especially you, Rebecca, having to sweat at all!

I haven't been able to contact you, and our number for you may be defunct, but please, PLEASE let us know what we can do for you in the coming weeks. And, YES, missy, that means moving heavy boxes while you sip sweet tea.

Please give us a call or email when we can lend a hand. I don't want to step on any family dynamic's toes, so I hesitated looking up numbers in phone books, but if I'd known you guys were sweatin' it out alone, I would have even stooped low enough to tracking you down through the phone book.

Yup. That low. (And if you hear someone creeping around outside your window tonight, it just may be me...dressed stealthily in black.)

Praying for you all!

Mrs. MK said...

I'm so proud of you!! What an amazing time in your life, and what memories you've made as you worked alongside your husband!

But do you get some rest now? Please be careful of that little one for me, OK?

Mandie said...

Love you girl!!!! (And yes, please rest for little Bunkin!)

Tracy said...

I know first hand the misery that you are feeling, living with someone else, and I'm proud of you for choosing to make a go of it.

Hang in there. SOON, you'll be in your own lovely home! And how much sweeter it will be!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Ah how the memories from the past flow over me as I read your open and honest post. Life is messy. difficult, painful ... and WONDERFUL (as you keep reassuring yourself). You are Pa and Ma Ingalls and I cheer for you (in-between praying for you). I wish I weren't a "virtual" neighbor, but an in-the-flesh-and-oh-so-ready-to-help neighbor. I've hosted so many "play dates" for the moving mommies, and reaped my share of them. I've only moved twice with kiddoes, but it is never much fun. I applaud your faithfulness and ability to focus on whatever is beautiful, true, of good repute. Don't despair, precious one, we will all be right here praying and waiting for that delightful post that says, "We've arrived!" (But, I know well enough that it will be followed by many more "Argh!" posts as well.) Life: It's an adventure! Please take care of yourself and bunkin, love Matt all the more for the future he works so hard to give you and those little ones, and let the routine slack while the kids play "Disneyland Everyday" with G&G. There's PLENTY of time for schedules and school books; for now they are getting a lesson in how a family moves and mommy doesn't lose their mind. So glad you were present for the baptism. I'm off this box now ... but I'll keep praying.

XOXO ... Debbie

Mom2fur said...

Wow, you sure have been crazy-busy, but I know everything will be wonderful for you in the end. I just hope you listen to your body and stop when it tells you to. I hope you (and Matt, too) find the time to put your feet up, even if it is just for five minutes.
Best of luck to Matt in his new job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. You (and your family) have been on my heart and in my prayers. Funny how I feel we are friends even though we have never met. God is in control!

Crystal in Pahrump

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with everything! Moving is awful no matter what and you have a great attitude! Thanks for sharing your feelings and an update. I enjoy your blog and being allowed to "meet" your family!

Matt said...

Abby~ no phone number yet. Oddly, we got a cellphone (one of those pay as you go jobs) but it doesn't have reception in the sticks. SO, no phone access.

I'll let you know as soon as we DO have one. THanks for the standing offer. We are nearly done moving stuff from one home to another. The moving stuff around WITHIN the home will come later...

(PS...this is REbecca)