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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tall Blondes

Of course, the giraffes were a favorite spot for me.

Seeing as how they are my favorite animal-and have been since I was about knee-high.

I have always had sort of a kinship to the giraffe species...maybe because of my knobby knees and ridiculously long legs. Most likely because of my towering above everyone else. I know-it ain't no fun going through adolescence head and shoulders above the boys who are already struggling with their own insecurities. Try finding a date to prom! These girls have their burdens written all over their face. Just look at their eyes. I feel your pain, girlie. I feel your pain.

But just look at it this way- you've got some GORGEOUS lashes! You've definitely got THAT going for you. If used properly, you could get anything you want out of life. Or, so I've been told.

Of course, I wouldn't know.

But between you and me~ woman to woman~ you really ought to consider chewing with your mouth closed. There is nothing that can have the boys scrambling faster than the sight of a woman chewing and sharing the view. Nope. That DEFINITELY won't help in your efforts to find a man.

Just trying to help out...
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Grandma Bibby said...

I love these shots. Giraffes are my very favorite animal. The best ones to me are the straight-on shots. Their faces are so-o-o cute!!

Andie said...

Giraffes are also my favorite animal, though I have no kinship on the height issue...kind of the OPOSITE problem (my goal in life is 5'3", and I don't think I'll ever make it!). Last summer, a baby giraffe was born at our zoo and I just stood their and watched him walking around on his still-wabbly legs forever until my kids were begging to go on to the next animals. They are so beautiful, but that baby was just precious!

Glad you had a great time-

Quinne said...

Hi Rebecca :) These are precious! I especially love their eyes from the straight on view - lol!

My sweet Miss M loves giraffes, too, ever since she was old enough to snuggle "giraffey"... So we studied them at LENGTH (lol) last year before trekking to the zoo.

Here's a great tidbit we learned: a grown giraffe has feet the size of a large dinner plate, and one good kick can kill an adult lion!

Love & hugs, Q