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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vacation 2008

You'll never guess what has happened. Amidst the boxes, packing, last day of work, and days of insanity: we took our very first family vacation! Sure, we have gone back to my parents' or Matt's parents' house-but never have we gone to a random place for ourselves.

And NEVER have we gone to some random place and actually stayed in a HOTEL room. Yes. You heard me right. A HOTEL!

But not just any hotel. A hotel with a POOL.

It was only for one night. Two glorious days. Lots of people take vacations for a week at a time, and plan several throughout the year.

But that isn't us. Vacations cost MONEY and vacations require TIME-so, while you might scoff at one measley night~ I gotta say it was mighty fine.

Although-on a side note. Hotels aren't nearly as much fun when you have kids. It is kinda hard to do ANYTHING if you have little ones that need to sleep. That means, no TV (even though cable is a fancy priviledge for us), no talking (unless it is out in the hall), no swimming and leaving the littles in the room by themselves-or making use of the amazing pool table downstairs, or doing anything else that one might imagine could be done in a hotel room without kids.

We went to Pittsburg. For us countryfolk, that was major big city. Like, scary to drive on the streets, city. Like, slums on one end and mansions across town city. Like people-EVERYWHERE. It was almost too much for us to take in!

We went to Pittsburg because it is the closest place to a Zoo and Aquarium. I have wanted to take the kids to those for a LONG time. And, shhhh-don't tell anyone- I have wanted to go to them for a long time myself. Maybe even MORE than the kids.

When it comes to creatures, I revert back to a child-like state. I am a kid. I know it. Matt knows it and still He loves me.

Thank goodness.

Here are a few pictures from our heavenly two days, one night away. Two days and one night that I got to see BEAUTY instead of boxes, I got to feel the sun on my skin instead of being the hermit I have been for two weeks, that I got to think about what I wanted to order for DINNER instead of what room to pack up next...

Bliss. Sheer Bliss.

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Anonymous said...

your photos are great!

Jthemilker said...

What a fantastic vacation. Funny thing... we live very near the Pgh Zoo... like 15 minutes away, but we packed up this weekend and did the SAME THING in Cleveland... hotel room and zoo... and we too are not big vacationers unless you count family visits.

Mom2fur said...

I love zoos, too! It sounds like your mini-vacation was a lot of fun.
The bottom picture is adorable! Wow, the little guy sure looks like his daddy!

Sarah said...

What a great vacation! We live just 2 hours south of Pittsburgh and sneak away on mini vacations there from time to time. I have to agree it is a bit scary coming from such a small town into the city! We'll be praying for you as you near your moving date!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Why, I haven't been to the zoo in YEARS! Thanks for sharing the adorable pics. We're hoping to visit the San Diego Zoo sometime this next year; with my daughter attending university down there we have the perfect "excuse' for a vacation (now to fit it into the already over-burdened schedule ...). Had a great time visiting with you and am so glad you got a break from packing. : )

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I'm glad you took time out to enjoy a vacation! A very good way to kick back, and de-stress before the move. We are about an hour and a half from the Cleveland zoo, but I havne't been there since I was about 19. Theres another smaller zoo not as far, and I'm hoping to get the kids there before the summers over!

As for not mastering the "sexy look" I knw what ya mean. I can't keep a straight enough face for it, I feel so silly I start laughing.
My friend Erin and I dubbed ourselves "The Clutzy Seductresses" for this very reason, and because we are both extremely clutzy. We never did (or actually never even tried) seduce anybody, but we're both married and pregnant, so something must've worked!
Loved all the pictures by the way.

abigail said...

I'm SO glad you were able to enjoy time together on this adventure before you buckle in for the next few months. What an amazing zoo!

I keep telling John that I would like to someday go to a zoo that's a mite bigger than Ross Park, which is the only one I've been to. Maybe we should save up for a joint trip to the Syracuse Zoo, neighbor mine!

michelle said...

Hey...I live in Pittsburgh--okay techinally like 6.6 miles from DOWNTOWN but my exit is the run right before the Squirrel Hill Tunnel (which is the tunnel that you go through when you use the parkway--from the turnpike). Anyways, I'm literally a 5 minute drive from downtown.

See...next time...you should float some warning that you are heading to Pittsburgh and then see who offered up a place to stay! We have a fairly large house--and you definitely would have been welcome to stay with us.

Assuming of course, that would be something you were comfortable with. =) I feel like I practically know you anyways from reading your blog. =)

Anyways keep that in mind---you know we've got Kennywood, Sandcastle, the Science Center and the museums out here, right?? ;)

MagiKPiper said...

Staying in a really small island - Singapore. All facilities is just an hour or two drive away. Zoo, birdpark, the beach. It never crossed my mind that for some, it takes a Hotel stay to visit the zoo. This is how small our island is. I love your blogs and your thoughts and dreams.