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Monday, August 11, 2008

Boy toys

Lots of things occupied my children during their (our) stay at Grandma and Grandpa's. For my boy child, it was 99.999% of the time equipment. The kind you ride on, and the kind you drive with chubby fingers. The kind you ride on always ALWAYS won out, but on the off chance that he couldn't hitchhike a ride on a four-wheeler, kayak, tractor, truck, lawn mower or doodlebug...he settled for the toy trucks that occupied his Papa in days gone by.

And always while driving: the vrooms and vibrations of real motors bounced off his lips. I never knew that car sounds were innate in the male gendered species, but these sounds have echoed off his lips since the time he was a bitty.

You learn all sorts of crazy things when you have a boychild. I am still not fully prepared...

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Mrs. Bonnie said...

First, I am SOOOOOO glad you're home! Would you believe I even had a twinge of envy at how happy you are in 2 rooms? I think it's high time I go on a purge around here, as our "stuff" is starting to stress me out, and seeing what little you are using right now looks very tranquil.
Second, I hear ya about boys! Even though I have 5 younger brothers, my little guy amazes me.
I remember him making car noises even before he could walk, and boy, does he have a stubborn streak that Audrey never did. He can be a challenge, but his snuggles and kisses make it worth the occasional frusteration.
I am looking forward to new pictures (not that I minded the old), Oh and how is Bunkin?
Lil' Bit is good, and might even have a name, but we're still working on that. I never thought it would be this tough to come up with a girls name, but B. and I sure have differing opinions. Grr.
Well, I'll go now, as you can se I've missed "talking" to you (or at you as this seems).

Elizabeth said...

For mine, it is my girl child :) Don't get me wrong, Samuel will play with cars on occasion, but Cassandra loves playing with cars and tractors often! :)

abigail said...

We are sorely lacking in boy toys, but Susannah loves her wooden truck. (It, by the way, say "ZOOOOOOOM."

These are fun pictures of your boy with his toys, and it's cool to imagine him wearing spots on the same paint that Matt did!

abigail said...

Say? SAY?!?!?

It shore do say zoooom. Fact, it say it all day long.

(Says. Forgive me.)