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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well Balanced

Today's lunch.

Tasty, juicy luscious peach.

Extra sharp cheddar and my new addiction: Toasteds crackers. Look-some are "wheat". That makes them healthier, right?

And yes-there are candy corns. And yes: the bright orange bits of pure sugar are out of proportion to the rest of the meal.

And yes-those ARE Pringles crumbs by the peach-but I only had five. I swear.

I guess I should mention the chocolate pudding I ate afterwards too. Just keepin' things real.

I'm all about a well-balanced healthful diet. Fruit. Grains. Dairy. Candycorn. I should be a dietician.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like something I would have for lunch. LOL Is this what's making your eye-winking, head-dunkin', two-wheelin' daughter and her brother grow and go? I'm hardly going to know them when I next see them.

Love from us all; and thanks for encouraging Megan.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every last bite of candycorn....it is my favorite, (Well, at least, one of my favorites...right up there with Rice Krispie Treats).

Crystal in Pahrump

Victoria said...

Looks like a great lunch to me!!!:)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hmmmmmmm ... Gotta go, my stomach is growling. (Now where did I hide that candycorn?)

Glad to see your sense of humor is returning in full bloom. (Is that from the candycorn?) : )

Girl Scout Mama said...

My daughters want to know if you could be their dietician. The youngest would like a diet of manily chocolate, the oldest vanilla. LOL! It looks great.

Elizabeth said...

Looks Delish to Me :)

Andie said...

can I trade the cany corn for M&M's??? I'd LOVE that meal! Yesterday's lunch was a cheese stick and a bowl of grapes. I had a cup of chocolate pudding waiting, but never got the chance to eat it! Oh well...not all that balanced here, either.
Take care-

Grandma Bibby said...

I think it is truly well balanced. Eat what you want. Life is short!!

Michelle said...

Looks good to me, too, but I'd also trade the candy corn for some chocolate. ;)

Lucy said...

Wow! Bit heavy on the crackers darlin'!
Enjoy though.

Grandma Bibby said...

I totally agree with Michelle. I would definitely trade the candy corn for some chocolate. I didn't catch that. You can't have a balanced meal without some chocolate!!!!

abigail said...

Yup, it needs chocolate.

And a prenatal pill! That's always my stupid justification for eating similarly. "But I TOOK the PRENATAL pill!!!"