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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet

The move here must have been at the pivotal time in the life of our Little Miss to give her the impetus to graduate from "little miss" into a "Bigger Little Miss".

One such advancement: no training wheels.

It all started when she got more and more daring with the training wheels-flying down the drive, turning circles flawlessly and standing up while riding. Eventually it was clear to all that the training wheels were just getting in the way.

She begged for three nights to have them taken off, but we were reluctant, knowing it would probably be a hard adjustment with many falls.

Boy, were we wrong.

(the look she gives here is priceless...she feels Papa's absence, yet, she is still going. Look at the excitement -and shock- written all over her face!)

Papa pushed and helped for about 15 minutes and she had already begun to take off for a few pushes.

After 30 minutes of practice and perseverence, she was zooming just as fast as she had WITH the training wheels.

"Aren't you proud that I can ride without training wheels?!?!" she would ask.

Of course we were. We were also floored that she mastered the bicycle so quickly. Must admit-she didn't get that from me.

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abigail said...

WooHoo! Congratulations, Corynn!

Keep on bikin'...