What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking My Own Advice

I am entering into the 'real' year of homeschooling this year. While still "unofficial" (PA doesn't require official schooling til 8! Wowza!) all the other kids 5 years old are heading toward the nearest school bus, so mine better git herself edjicated now too.

I am kinda freaked out about it. Everyone says that teaching a child to read isn't hard. So-what if I can't do it? I will be a failure in the worst degree. Pathetic. Bury my head in the sand pathetic.

What if I don't have the self-discipline to put her schooling first and it ends up not getting done consistently? Yes-this has been a problem in the past.

What if? What IF? WHAT IF?!?

Here are some thoughts to reign those pesky doubts in: Remember them, Rebecca.

* * Teaching children is a natural extension of parenting...don't make it overly complicated. You won't be perfect. But you can grow and learn, make mistakes and fix them.

* * Don't scare yourelf out of doing it with "what-if's". Rmember, Rebecca? You wanted to learn to sew for years-but never did because "What if?" Then, you made your first little girls' dress and thought- WOW! That was WAY easier than I thought it would be. Same is true with quilting, canning, cooking, crocheting, and photography. You are your own worst enemy. Don't say you can't unless you try.

* * Don't mimic the schools: there is a reason why you want your children to stay out of one.

* * Don't let others dictate how you feel about what you are doing. If noone looks at you funny every now and again, you are doing something wrong. You can't live your life to the glory of God and still please those who don't know Him.

* * The two main objectives for educating in THIS house are to love God and to love learning. These can't be tested on at the end of the week. Think longterm and teach these above all else. Expect not to see results right away.

* * Learning is lifelong. It doesn't begin and end with a certain "school age". That means: just because Corynn is 'officially school age', don't forget about your two year old Panda traipsing in your shadow. He is a learner too. Don't underestimate him, or devote to him time and attention. And don't forget about yourself- you have a lifetime of learning in store as well.

* * Enjoy yourself. If you do, you know the kids will, and if they do-then you have succeeded.

* * Give it your all, and don't forget the great magnitude of what you are doing. If you remember how important your task is, it will be not so easy to shirk it off on a whim.

* * Throw out the plan sometimes, and embrace the opportunities. Learning and remembering often takes place most often there.

* * Don't forget to glory in God's creation. The world around is the science, biology, chemistry, mathmatics, art, music, literature, and English, history, and bible curriculum that is complete.

* * Lean on God, because you know you just can't do it on your own. Not well. Not at all. He WILL give you all you need to succeed.

* * So much of life is caught, not taught. Be an example to your children, Rebecca! Become better yourself! Live life joyfully, authentically, wholly, and creatively. Be devoted! Don't expect diligence if you can't be it yourself. Be curious! These are the lessons that last a lifetime and are the stones which build a foundation of solid individuals. You are the teacher AND the learner.
You CAN do this, by God's grace. You believe that is what is best for your family. You trust that home educating is what would please God most of all- so trust Him for the grace to get you through it.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

In other news:

You remember my friend Nanci? You know...the one I always gushed about? The one who put up with my shinanigans while teaching me to crochet, and then, dealt with me always hanging around bugging her even after I learned... The one I hated leaving in this move most of all?!?


She started a blog!

Can you believe it? I couldn't! Trust me, I hounded her incessantly about starting one... and now she has!

And she shows off her crafty works-and even gives TUTORIALS! She is an expert seamstress-don't let her tell you otherwise.

She is the greatest mentor ever, and has taught me SO much in regards to homeschooling and life.

You simply. must. go. visit.

Tell her "Hi", welcome her to the blogging community, and then thank her for helping me to become who I am today. She doesn't believe me when I tell her.

Ps. Below is the ONLY photo I was ever allowed to take of her.

Wait. Scratch that. She didn't even know I TOOK that picture....

I love her.

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Jacqueline said...

hello... just wanted to say i really like your blog. your photography is beautiful...so are your offspring. feel free to come see my spot at www.happyhousewifegoespublic.blogspot.com

and keep on bloggin' ! :)

Anonymous said...


I think you should listen often to the wise woman who wrote those comments :)

You are going to do brilliantly!!

Scarlett said...

You are very much on the right track! With your creativity, overflowing love for your children, and the love of learning you have yourself.. you are just a natural! Besides you have been homeschooling your darlings their whole lives already :o)

Tracy said...

You'll do great. I know it! So, you're still in PA? For some reason I thought you'd moved to NY.

Off to visit Nanci!

Paula said...

First, thanks for the tip about nanci's blog - will definitely head over there.

Secondly, two posts that will help:

(whose daughter is reading Pilgrim's Progress right now)

Not mine (but wish it was):


Nanci @ Brambleberry Cottage said...

Where did you get that? It certainly was natural with the empty plate sitting beside me. Goodness knows, I certainly ate enough goodies at your home.

Thanks for the kind words; we learned from each other. You never hounded me. It is always a joy to share our friendship. I miss those evenings so much.

Please tell everyone that visited I said thank you. It was so nice!

Listen to Melissa and Scarlet!!!

Love from the whole clan.

Kim said...

Oh Rebecca you will have so much fun teaching your little ones!! And remember you have already been teaching them since they were born! It's just the next step now. :-)

Michelle said...

Good things to remember, Rebecca. I think we all need to hear those things once in awhile to keep us on the right track. :)

I checked out Nanci's blog. She has won me over already by doing a tutorial of bias tape. I HATE bias tape with a passion, but she makes it actually look doable. :D

Anonymous said...

You will do a great job of teaching your children. I hesitate to say that I am a first grade teacher....but I am and I love it. The best predictor of reading success is having parents that read to their children. I think your children are already ahead of the game. Enjoy every moment teaching them....they will become life long learners by the excellent example you are setting.
Crystal in Pahrump

Grandma Bibby said...

I know you have learned a lot from Nanci, but remember your first teacher. Your mom instilled in you a love for your spouse and your children. She has always put them first. Now she is raising another set of four and is doing a great service to them. We can all learn a lot from them. They have such a love for others. Don't forget to learn from them too. they may be busy, but they love you dearly!!

Rebecca said...

Mrs. Bibby~ there is no disputing that fact, though there IS a time and a place. When a person deserves recognition, recognition ought to be given freely, and not be diminished by a checklist of all those who have inspired me at soe point or another, or for a particular reason or another. The fact that I write about Nanci doesn't diminish the value I hold on my family. That is silly.

Grandma Bibby said...

I am sure that you love your momma. We mothers are just possessive of our own and don't want anyone else coming first. It is difficult to read about how others mean so much and not feel something. Sorry, hope there aren't any bad feelings. You know that I love you!!

abigail said...

Amen to your home-educating advice to yourself. I hope you don't mind that I took some of it for ME!