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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Good Gift


Yesterday I had an appointment for Corynn. A 'playdate' appointment. (I have serious opinions about 'playdates' that would put me on a very high soapbox and most assuredly on someone's blacklist, so I will keep my mouth shut on THAT.) I also have the uncanny ability to say 'yes' to anyone, despite what I want, just to avoid hurting feelings. So, when I was having chills and feeling awful-I took some tylenol, packed the kids up into their snowman suits and trudged to a ladies house down the road a ways. In my defense, I knew I shouldn't be going so I was going to call to cancel-but then couldn't find her number. I couldn't just stand them up!

We came away, though, with a complete set of cast-offs. Handcrocheted sweater, hat and scarf that the mother had made for her little girl and has since outgrown! Wooowee! Selfish me was glad I had not canceled, after all!

The mother had seen me walking with the children on our road, Andrew in his knit sweater and hat, and we had chatted about how I loved knitted things and how I was learning crochet. She thought it would be fitting for us to have it. That was a very nice thing indeed.

I took a few photos to share. Ha! "A few" I apologize ahead of time for the redundant photographs. Only I can take so many pictures of ONE sweater and hat. hehehe
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Elizabeth said...

This one is my fav. of Corynn in her new ensemble. What a great outfit, I LOVE IT :)

abigail said...

Love it. Definitely worth one play date.