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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Need a treat?!?


I know you are wondering it...but are you brave enough to ask it? Oh-don't worry. I will tell you without having to ask and I won't even be offended if you shout a resounding 'EWWWW!" It is one of my favorite treats...sherbert and mozzerella cheese. Any of you pregnant ladies in need of some weird food inspiration?

Yep-it is a good treat. Super duper yummy and has been especially refreshing this past week with me not feeling well. You should try it...if you dare.

Matt still picks on me about it-but he has been known to take a bite or two from my bowl every now and again!

PS-Notice the book? Oh-it's a GEM! Lovely photographs (everyone of which I hope to duplicate in time! hehehe) on every page and beautiful ideas throughout. Just LOVE it! I long for the time when I too, can have a Garden of the Senses but until then, I will have fun finding inspiration and planning my some-day gardenscape.


I am breaking my rule today about posting during naptime because naptime is going to be brimful of chores, likeunto the REST of the day-so I will keep this short. Gary and Linda, Matt's parents are coming to us tomorrow for a weekend visit and then on Sunday, I am hosting a family of 12 (yep-one family!) for lunch after church. When I asked them over, the mother was so excited and said I was VERY brave. No one EVER invites their family over for a meal-because it is so much work. All I can think is-she does it EVERY day and never gets a break!!! I want to make it extra-special for her...so no spaghetti or lasagna! ;-)

Seeing as how it is after church, that complicates things a bit as to having to make the food ahead a bit. This is what I have planned for the meal...some variation may take place.

Two Golden Pork Loins with roasted potatoes, onions, carrots (in roaster oven)
Corn spoonbread
Cherry Ribbon Mold (refridgerated night before), doubled
Homemade Bread, two loaves
Two pans of warm Applecrisp (made day before then heated again) a la mode

If I don't have an opportunity to get back on here tomorrow, have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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Mandie said...

Ok, you know that I love you, but girl, that is just wrong! Sherbet and mozzarella? And I"m pregnant! Hmm, got me thinking though, could YOU be?

As for Andrew and his hair, cute, but "Ouch"! Have a great weekend Mama!

Check my blog! ;)

Gina said...

I dont think that is wierd at ALL! I absolutely love to eat vanilla ice cream with green olives ( the ones with the pamentos) :) It is realy good.

Leslie said...

So sweet of you to have that family over for dinner. I know the mom really appreciates it!

cheese with ice cream? Interesting. I've never tried it..although I do like mascarpone ice cream.

Carmichael Family said...

When I first saw the sherbet picture, I thought it was coleslaw. The lime sherbet sounds really good right now, but with the mozzarella cheese? Maybe I'll try it some time...(after I'm not pregnant anymore).
That is so sweet of you to have the family over, and your meal plan sounds just delicious! Having come from a large family, I know sometimes people felt overwhelmed having us over, so I'm sure they'll have a great time at your house!

Michelle said...

I thought it was coleslaw, too! haha

Hmmm. That combo isn't the weirdest thing I have heard of. I'd be game for it. I have the cheese. Now I need the ice cream! :)

The largest family we've had has been 9 people over. We like to invite families like that over, too. I think it is hard for them when they don't get invited to too many houses because they are so "large". It really doesn't take that much more energy to have a large family over. I find most of the time, they have the sweetest, most well-behaved children anyway. You could have a family of only 4 over and their children could run you ragged!

smilnsigh said...

I can see how that combo would taste gooood. I can. :-)

And many good vibes being sent your way, with so much on your plate this weekend. You are amazing, you know that?!? Yes you are.

But you also tend to tire me out, reading all you do. :-)


Kelli said...

Hmm...I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try that combination but I will say it sounds better than pickles and icecream! LOL
Enjoy your company this weekend. Your menu sounds delicious! Do you have room for one
more?! ;0)

MamaArcher said...

I think that it is so amazingly kind of you to have that family over. We hardly ever get invited anywhere because of our family, we have 10 of us total. I know the mother appreciated it!

Gina said...

ok ok i tried the sherbert w/ the cheese and it was realy good! The only thing i did different was i used orange sherbert because i am not too fond of the lime, but i must still say that my olives and icecream is better :)

abigail said...

Er, no thanks. :)