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Monday, April 07, 2008

Little Miss Antics

You are probably bored of train pictures. I am bored of train pictures. But I must share these last three and then I promise to hold off for a while. I share these for the story behind them, because while the abundance of redundant train photos promises to bore me after a while, my children never do.

I was walking to another boxcar when I heard Corynn start crying. Actually, crying doesn't really describe it accurately. It was more like heart-wrenching, soul-splitting wails. It was the jammed her finger in the wheel and ripped it off kind of cry, or possibly a fallen off the car headfirst into the tip of an upturned railroad nail wail.

So, being the cautious and frantic mother that I am, I strolled to the car to see what was up.

One look upon her face, I knew exactly what was up. Blood wasn't spewing from her forehead and all her digits were intact-and oddly, there was not a tear on her face, though admittedly~it did look pathetic.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, she moaned: "Mama! Mama! I don't want to go to an orphanage! I will miss you forever! Please, I want to stay with my Mama! I don't want to go to China! Don't take me away!"

and then, as pathetically as she could muster...

"I love you so much Mama. I'll take care of Andrew until you come for us!"

Andrew~boy of few words~says it all in his expression.

"Man, is she for real?!?"


The other day Matt asked me to make some garlic and tomato pizza and I wanted to have cinnamon rolls over the weekend, so I prepared the ingredients for a double bath of dough in the bread machine. I must have become distracted because at 5:00, when I went to take the dough out of the breadmaker it was still filled nicely with layered ingredients. I was so upset at myself, since Matt rarely asks for anything in particular for dinner. And hey, I really wanted cinnamon rolls!

I dida fair amount of growling and groaning and "argh'ing to myself when Corynn came in and said sweetly, "Mama? Are you angry with us?"

I returned "No, honey. I am angry with myself because I forgot to push the start button on the bread machine and now it is dinnertime and no dinner is in sight!"

She calmly said: "Well then Mama. Why don't you apologize to yourself and then you will feel better!"


Corynn was reading a book that had a picture of a baby getting water put on it's head and she came to me and asked "Is that baby getting advertised?"

I started laughing uproarishly because our 4-going-on 40 year old rarely makes pronunciation or word mistakes. She quickly discovered her mistake and corrected it. Times like these are way too few and far between and entirely too funny to forget.


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Tracy said...

It's wonderful that you are recording all of these cute little sayings and playtimes. You will, sadly, forget.

Terri & Crew said...

Okay, Corynnn's face was just so cute. She honestly looks distraught! Those are such cute stories and it's wonderful that you are recording all of this.


Andie said...

Corynn is such a hoot!! Love the things she comes up with. Apologise to yourself...now that one I've got to remember...what a great idea!

Jean Marie Bibby said...

You seem so far away. Luke spoke about his "Computer Friend" who came to visit just yesterday. Thanks for always including a photo or two of her for Luke's sake. He enjoys being able to see her. :-)
Give Bumpkin a little pat from me!

eveningstar said...

Something we always did for quick pizza (in your case, since you didn't have time to make more dough...) was to take bread (this is a good way to use older bread too!), and toast it either in slices or lengthwise. Once you have your toasted pieces, pretend it is pizza dough; spread your sauce, cheese, and toppings, put it under the broiler til cheese melts and gets bubbly! This is very quick and tasty. We called them pizza sandwiches.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

OK Corynn is hilarious, but I think I would've started crying if she had said Momma I don't want to leave you, etc.
I got a huge kick out of the video of her "reading" and yes I definitely see her flair for the dramatic!
Audrey rarely mispronounces things as well, but the other day she kept talking about "Baking Soda Cuke". I was stupmed 'til I rememberd she had watched "Minnesota Cuke" (veggie tales take off of Indiana Jones)as a special treat a few months ago.
Silly children.

abigail said...

Nope-- not bored a bit.

I enjoyed these snippets of your Little Miss, and I love that last picture of her and Andrew!

Keep 'em coming, says I.