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Monday, April 28, 2008


This has been a duzie of a weekend, and the week promises to follow suite.

On Friday night, late, there was a CRASH and then shattering glass sounded through the house. Matt and I both jumped up to see what had happened~and quickly discovered that the shelf holding all but two of our wedding presents had killed and mutilated our precious 'wordly goods'. I was SO upset, because those were REALLY sentimental! They were our wedding gifts; beautiful things that I wanted to hand down to my children! Not to mention, I have only a handful of truly valuable things that haven't been thrifted around this house and it HAD to be THOSE things that broke, not the bought-from-yardsale stuff. I am still not quite over it. :-(

The next day, I was in charge of a fruit platter at a baby shower I was attending and had promised a three-tiered fruit 'fountain' made by layering cake plates. But one of my cake plates had been a victim. But silly, stupid me, can't just put fruit on a PLATTER and call it good-oh no. No, no. I always just HAVE to go overboard to be happy. I made a makeshift one using some cups, glass plates and a bowl on top.

I won't tell you how many times it fell apart (with fruit dip AND fruit a'flying) but you can be sure it was more than once. Sigh. Sometimes you just can't win!


The rain just keeps pouring on down and the weatherman says to get used to it. Not too awful excited about that...especially since tomorrow I am making the hike to my parents' house 3 1/2 hours away, as a single Mama-all alone. And I HATE driving in rain. And who wants to visit for a week while it RAINS every day? Yep_ I am leaving Mattie for ANOTHER week.

There is lots to do this week while I am away. Hopefully, I will be able to help a few friends in need, if they allow me the pleasure. That is the reason for the trip, after all. Then there is the visiting, catching up, and biding time until I see my Mattie again. And at the end of the week, a thrill. We are going to Oma and Opa's house! We haven't seen them in ages and Miss Corynn is bursting from the seams with excitement. It is she, after all, that prays for them each day at lunch; it is she who begs to visit them nearly every time we go to town-not comprehending how far away it is; it is she who has been brought to tears because she misses them. We are all thrilled to be able to see them, finally.

So~tomorrow I leave. I was supposed to leave today but I had lots of things to finish in order to leave a welcoming house to Matt is my absence. I hate leaving him. Period. Even more so, though, when it is for such an extended time. My only consolation is that my time will be used in worthwhile pursuits, helping those who need it. I hope.

I still have to pack, so I ought to be grateful for the rain. It is, after all, the only thing barring the children from being outdoors all day long. Since the children have been indoors all day, I have also got a bit of a reprieve from tick duty. I have gone on tick alert since the weather turned warmer. This past week alone I've had to pry over a dozen ticks off of the childrens' (and my!) skin. Every night before bed we have inspection. Every night, they each have brought along a pet.

I really feel like a country wife now. I had never seen ticks or dealt with them before, but with tick inspection every day, who would NOT consider me a country gal? Although-the one that was half burrowed into Corynn's leg? I had Matt do that one-so...maybe I am not as far along as I thought...

I'd better be off~ Here's to a safe drive, a fun visit, and a healthy dose of serving others.

PS. Didn't have any new photos to post, so I post a few from a children's museum visit last year. They are WET, afterall.
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Anonymous said...

Please be very careful with those ticks. You might want to check for them immediately after coming inside rather than waiting until later, or wear long pants. I know someone who contracted Lyme disease from a tick and its a very hard disease to try to handle. I don't want to scare you, but ticks are dangerous little buggers.

Autumn said...

I do hope that you are saving those ticks. Place them in a snack size ziploc baggie, and place them in the freezer. Date them. This might be helpful if you run into problems down the road. AND BE VERY CAREFUL REMOVING THEM! They vomit when they are removed from you, which in turn makes you ill.

Autumn said...

Ooopsss that was Tracy

Rebecca said...

I haven't been saving them, though we did save one last year (our first experience....) We ought to do that, I think.

And yes, anonymous, I am CONSTANTLY checking the kiddos for them.... BECAUSE I am freaked out by them a bit and so, I seem to go overboard. Checking them outside, inside, anytime they come from the woods, etc. Poor klids always have me looking behind their ears and under their shirts... But always again, one last time, before bed.

Ticks are a scary thing when you think about the hypotheticals. A friend of a friend became paralyzed because of one and I know all about Lyme's disease....but no matter what, they find the kids! SO, I can only hope and pray that their reputations far superceed the harm they produce. Atleast in my own childrens' cases. I hope.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Our dog has had about 2 dozen of them killed in the last week alone. I'm obsessed with looking for them on him too.
My MIL was telling me about wrist bands, and pin-on buttons for the kidlets that are mosquito and tick repelling, but I'm wondering if they are like tick and flea
collars for dogs: they keep them away from a certain area(where-ever the collar is)but not off the dog.
Ug, I hate ticks. Oh,(for the dog anyway) I use a small pair of pliers to grasp them for better removal. I can't seem to get a good grip on the little buggars for some reason.
Have fun at your parents!You poor thing, I can tell you feel awful just by your posting, you are lacking your usual bounce and enthusiasm!

abigail said...

I don't have a shelf full of sentimental wedding gifts, but I can imagine how awful I'd feel if some of my pre-marriage, breakable gifts from John were smashed.


May your week only get better, driving, rain, and visiting all. (Can't wait to see you and order you to scrub my toilet....THRICE!)

Andie said...

Oh, I understand the pain of loosing something precious. When hubby and I had been married about 2 1/2 years I had a nice little display with our wedding keepsakes (cake topper that I made, our toasting glasses, unity candle, etc). As I came home one day and was unlocking the door, I heard a crash. I was just sick because I knew which glass things were near the door...our wedding stuff. Our new kitten apparently thought that that shelf made a nice place for a little nap and apaparently the sound of the key in the door scared him because he KNEW he shouldn't be there. In his hurry to vacate the forbidden territory he took one of the toasting glasses down with him. :o( Fortunately that was all that was permanently broken, but still...now only one of us can toast our marriage! :o)
Have fun on your trip and be careful in the rain. Ticks totally FREAK me out, I'm no good around them! Hubby would have to take care of them all! Fortunately we don't have many around here, we don't go hiking in the woods!

I'm Jana said...

I feel for ya, leaving your hubbby and all. My better half has been gone for almost ten days and I am going crazy without him! However, keeping up with three sick kids makes time go by fast! Be safe and have lots of fun!

Mom2fur said...

Ugh, ticks. I don't think I've ever seen one and I can't imagine having to check the kids every day for them. Come to think of it, it's time for the cats and dog to get their flea/tick treatments. Too bad you can't put a dab of something on the back of a kid's neck and prevent ticks for a whole month!
I'm so sorry you lost so many precious treasures. But I do hope you had a really nice visit with Oma and Opa!

Mom2fur said...

A week has gone by since you posted and nosy--I mean inquiring--minds want to know: how are you?????