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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Viper Fish

If anyone is unfamiliar, janbrett.com has a tremendous wealth of activities, coloring pages, learning aids and even videos on her site. We really enjoy watching the "How to Draw" videos she posts.

The latest one is about a Viper Fish~ creature of the deep. Because the viper fish lives at the very bottom of the ocean floor and there is no light down there, she suggested it be drawn on black paper. The viper fish has bioluminescence and some weird flap-thing that hangs over it's head and in front of it's large, teeth-filled mouth and on the end of that weird flap-thing is a bioluminescent ball that attracts other fish to it, which it then feeds on. It was very interesting, and Corynn wanted to draw it right away. Have to say: I was SO impressed with her drawing! I didn't remind her about ANY parts, and I didn't help her in any way. She even drew a little fish getting lured to the big one. After she was through, we poked holes in it where the bioluminescent spots are and shined a flashlight through it.

It was great fun.

You should try it! GO here: viper fish video

Or, go to Janbrett.com to see the other videos and fun stuff. I love Jan Brett

In other news: we got three BOXES filled with all manner of homeschool fun this past weekend shared generously from a friend. What a TREASURE trove! The day they arrived, Corynn plopped down right on the garage floor and got engrossed right away.

Needless to say: we are keeping busy!


Tracy said...

So glad all of your books arrived safely. I love getting new things to look at!

I love Jan Brett, too!

abigail said...

I'm impressed with that fish! Millie mostly draws horses that look like giraffes, so I'm doubly impressed by how well Corynn does.

Rebecca said...

Without having watched the video first, I am sure the fish would have turned out more like a large smudge. Watching Jan Brett draw them herself really helps. Even I like drawing them afterward! :-)