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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A Lovely view, isn't it?

This has been our view since November. (And you wonder why I didn't bother with outdoor lights this past Christmas!?)

I am about sick to death of looking at construction workers, tripping over hose, catching flying bits of insulation, having my grass painted with drywall goo, answering the door to construction workers when they need something, feeling trapped in my own home, and just plain LOOKING at this mess.

Call me crabby, I admit it. I think our landlords should offer us a discount or SOMETHING for all that we have to put up with.

Once, get this!, there were NINE trucks parked our driveway NOT including the big Mack and I couldn't even get INTO MY OWN DRIVEWAY! I had, coincidentally, just returned from a grocery shopping trip and had to trudge, arms brimming for about five trips. I probably walked a mile that day, just getting the groceries INDOORS.

So I have a right to be a crab. Don't I?!?!

Wouldn't you?!? If you had to stare at THIS all day long? It is a far cry from my beautiful patio retreat from last year...that's for sure. Just look!

I mean, WHO wants to wake up to THIS every morning?!? Or rather...What WOMAN would want to wake up to THIS every morning?!?

Certainly not I.

I have had the grumblies about this for a while, but never more so than now. The weather is now warm enough to move my patio set back out of doors and for the children and I to enjoy the sun on a daily basis. It has been made increasingly clear, however, that what has worked in the past for us, is NOT going to work now. I certianly CAN NOT use the patio for my patio furniture, for my plants or for ANYTHING that resembles beauty.

Wanna know the worst part?!

Brace yourselves, people because you might have a heart attack. I nearly did.

The men~those men I have been so kind and smiley toward?! They took all of my potted perennials (with lovely pots-some ceramic!) and pitched them. Smashed them up in the dump truck and threw them out. Without ANY thought to whose they might have been! Many of the perennials had been thinned out by friends, but had I bought them, I would have spent a fortune. And I DID buy the pots.

So~ this year, I have to start fresh. In LOTS of ways.

I need to find a new spot for my patio.

I need to get more perennials, if I want to enjoy my flowers.

I need to buy more pots.

And when I do, maybe I ought to put alarm systems on them this time!
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Anonymous said...

It would be one thing if you were the one who was going to enjoy the end result! Try and find the bright spot in this. There has to be one. And just think, at the end of the year, you will have a new papoose!! P.T.L.!!!! ~Mrs. B.

your friend said...

I definitely think you need to bring this to the attention of the landlord and explain how YOUR property was destroyed by HIS workers. Do it in a nice way and perhaps he will offer to replace your plants and/or pots with new ones. Its too bad that happened but hopefully once its brought to his attention he will make things right with you.

Dana said...

I think you should move.



Andie said...

I'm so sorry about your pots and plants. I have a rather "black" thumb...anything that is supposed to be green and I touch it...it dies. Sorry, I'm of no help there. But I agree, your landlord needs to be made aware that they are destroying YOUR property. Maybe ask if there is a place that can be designated that they will not bother. I also agree with you that a discount on your rent would be the "kind" thing to do since this construction has so interfered with your life...you are paying rent to live in a quiet home in the country...not what you are getting at this point.
I have a small yard, with an enclosed patio...you're welcome to stash your pots here (ok, not really practical since I live in KS)...and I promise I won't TOUCH them!!! :o)


PS...I hope you get your new retreat all set up, I can't wait to see it!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I agree too that the landlord needs to know. I mean the guys should have realized that if no-one lived in the half they are working, just *maybe* they belonged to the other inhabitants. But, I also think the construction company should be the ones paying/re-placing for them, since they were the ones who did it. I nearly cried when I read about the senseless carnege(sp?). I most certainly would have cried if they had been mine.
If they have been working since Novemeber, shouldn't they be done soon?
I remember that you said that side had been damaged by fire, but sheesh, I'm surprised at how long this is taking.
If you want to leave there is a nice brick house with a big deck on 113 acres for sale around the corner from me. Only about a 6 hour commute for Matt... ;0P

Liana said...

wow, i think i'd be equally annoyed. Hopefully they'll be done & move out of your patio area soon!

Rebecca said...

We are TRYING to move...in fact, we HAVE been for quite some time-but there is a job in limbo that just isn't moving fast enough for us.

In fact, we found the PERFECT house with 43 acres for sale IN OUR PRICE RANGE (a miracle in and of itself!) but that was about two months ago and, while I haven't looked yet, I feel sure it must have sold right away. So-we are IMPATIENTLY waiting for this job to be offered and in the meantime, we are stuck here, dealing with all these shenanagens.

Sarah said...

Rebecca, your landlords are responsible for property destroyed due to their negligence (technically, the construction workers are their employees and were negligent by disposing of your personal property). I'm not sure what kind of lease/contract you have with them, but even with a verbal agreement to lease their home/land, you are entitled to personal space as well as ground maintenance. If you were so inclined, you could raise a big stink (but I know you wouldn't). Perhaps if you approach them firmly but kindly to reclaim your disposed property?

Heather K said...

wow! that's unbelievable. I won't give my two bits on what I think you should do since you've already gotten lots of good advice..but man oh man...I'd be sooome upset if it were me!
Congrats on your little "bunkin"!

abigail said...

We never had this problem in Depew, though I can sympathize. The realtor would call and ask if he could show the apartment the next day, I'd scrub and frantically mop, and then loud-mouthed people would waltz through our apartment and make me laugh, poking their noses into our closets and bedroom exclaiming, "WHOAH! Look at all the beds in here! HOW many people sleep in this room? SHEESH!"

I must say, though, that they never grabbed plates from my cupboards and smashed them on the floor. That would have made me very, very annoyed.

Lord willing, He will provide you with your own space, one in which you answer to no landlord and have autonomy over who sets foot on your land...and on your patio.