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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still 10

For Christmas, Corynn got a little Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine from an Aunt in the craft industry and it was declared "the best gift EVER!" She had seen one of these 'baby machines' at the store just a month or so before and wished aloud for it.

All the while she envisioned doll clothes, clothes for herself, and sewing alongside me, the only image I could summon was of digits being mutilated.

So, I told her that when she was big enough to reach the pedal, that I would tell her then how to use the machine (knowing full well that she COULD reach the pedal IF I set the machine on something lower than my craft table...) She was bummed (THAT is an understatement!) so I let her sit upon my lap and we worked (on MY machine) and made a doll pillow.

But I haven't heard the end of it since December 25th. I struggled feeling like I was going to start her too early on something she was really too young for while at the same time, knowing that she primarily wanted to sew to be like me and to share my interests. I know that if I squelter those interests and desires, that eventually she will lose them and that would just break my heart. So, I wondered what to do. For a LONG time.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the very unlikely, hypothetical finger stabbing I envisioned doesn't measure up to the genuine and REAL encouragement to pursue what interests her. The fact that we can share it TOGETHER makes it all the more wonderful.

So yesterday, we finally brought it out to see the light of day. Before Andrew woke up from nap, we had a little sewing lesson. I taught her the basics, stressing about fifty times to KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE NEEDLE!!! Then I handed her lined paper to practice following a straight line. After several of those, I let her root through my scrap basket to pick some fabrics and she made a real simple bookmark. Done entirely by herself.

I'm glad I went for it.

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devildogwife said...

Great job, Corynn!!

Way to go mom for encouraging her creativity (even if it was difficult)!

Anonymous said...

You will never regret doing this. This is so cool. She will be sewing alongside you for years to come. What fun you two will have. Tell her Mrs. Bibby is so proud of her bookmark!!!!

Tracy said...

I LOVE that machine! What kind of a job does it do? I've considered it for Abigail who will be ten in November.

And WAY TO GO Corynn!!!!! I'm so proud of you! Your bookmark is beautiful!

Victorian Lady said...

Good for you! :) I had a similar situation...she had to wait until she was six like it says on the box. I think it is SO important to pass this tradition on...I know I appreciate my mom teaching me! :)


Michelle said...

How fun for Corynn, and what a cute little machine! :)

Morning said...

My nephew has been keen on carpentry since he was tiny, but was always disappointed by flimsy children's toys. So my brother-in-law finally bought him a real small hammer, nails and a piece of wood. Sure, he banged his thumb a few times -- but never anything terrible, and he's now a talented and enthusiastic woodworker.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Corynn, what a beautiful bookmarker! You did a *very* good job!

Rebecca- Your fears of sewing through her fingers are well grounded, I did it my self 6 or 7 years ago. Right through my thumb. I creid like a baby and went next door to get my mom ( she was visiting the neighbors)because well, I needed a hug to feal better! The nail doesn't grow right when it gets cold out, or I'm pregnant.
My due date is December 2.
I answered your questions at the blog.

Elizabeth said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL JOB Corynn- You are just like your mama :)

Ulla said...

I like the pics illustrating the story - very well captured!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till Camryn is old enough and has an interest in sewing with me! I have done some sewing with the boys, but their interest wanes when they get a bit older and would rather be working outside.

About Corynn's machine, does it use a bobbin and make a real "stitch" or does it make a chain stitch? Many years ago we sold children's machines at Jo-Ann's, but they only made a chain-stitch, and didn't seem to work very well. It was so sad when the frustrated moms brought the machines back into the store and told us how their children were so excited to have their own machine, only to have a bad experience. It appears as if you have a much better quality product!

Good job, Corynn! (And Mama, too!!!)

Blessings to your family,
Kris Zerby

Kelli said...

Way to go, Corynn!!! Such a lovely bookmark, I love it!

Terri & Crew said...

I love her little face in those pictures. She looks so determined. Good job, Corynn! :-)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the sweet words! I told Corynn all about them and they certainly made her beam!

Kris and Tracy~ my review of the machine would be this. It is VERY cute and small enough for young children to tote with them easily but it doesn't (in my opinion) do a tremendous job. It DOES hold a bobbin, and it does a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch, but it is a hard machine (even for me) to keep seams straight with. It seems to veer off the road naturally.

Tracy~ as Kris mentioned, I have known several women who bough their children machines and each one felt it of utmost importance to get a machine that will work well and easily, that will make the children WANT to do it. There is nothing worse than working with something that frustrates you. Several of these women actually took back the original machines to get better ones. In my personal opinion, (if Abigail becomes proficient at making straight seams despite the machine) it won't take long for her to grow out of it. But, that is just a thought to consider. Honestly, I don't know the price of the machine ( I made it a point NOT to look as it was a gift) but maybe if there is a huge price difference, it would be worth it for an introduction to sewing. I hope this helps a bit!

Heather K said...

wow!! great job Corynn!! She's very creative...that's such a pretty bookmark! She'll so appreciate you teaching her to sew! :)

Mom2fur said...

Corynn did a beautiful job! I love the fabrics she chose.
I know what you mean about the needle. Back when I was in school, I studied fashion design for a semester. We use industrial machines, which go like lightening. But the needles had guards around them! Now, why don't they do that on standard machines...especially ones aimed at kids?
I have an 8-year-old I babysit, and she's been eyeing my machine. I'm not sure she could reach the pedal, either. But I have hesitated for the same reason as you--that evil needle. I might just have to get brave and let her have a go at it. I like the idea of starting on lined paper!

michelle said...

I'm so glad you let her give it a try! I've read and observed somewhere that the best way to get children interested and involved in something is to let them see you persuing your own interests.

But---I know that it's hard sometimes too. My step wasn't as big as yours but the other day I 'gave' in to Tristyn wanting to try his hand at knitting. (I'm terrified he will poke his eyes with the needles) So far he is making a decent go at it.

He may even pass up my early beginner skills soon and teach me!

Christine said...

What an amazing sewing machine. Awesome efforts, Rebecca!

abigail said...

The girls and I think this is so cool. Corynn did a fantastic job!

And now, Millie just said thoughtfully, "Maybe you could get me one of those, Mom." HA! Immediately followed by Annika (not yet a month past her fourth birthday) suggesting, "Yeah, you could give me one, too, because I am ALMOST five!" Double HA!

Martie said...

Never too young to learn. Looks beautiful.