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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Don't Laugh...

Since we *still* have no stove, this is the very first time in my history of wifehood and Mamahood that I have ever allowed the contemptable storebought cake into our midst. The children didn't even know you could buy cakes.


The part about a storebought cake being contemptible is a bit of an overstatement.

And while I'm at it, I admit, my kids DO know that cakes can be bought in stores...because they admire them every time they head to the bakery for a free cookie.

But still. Never have I bought a storebought cake, never did I PLAN on buying one. Instead, our tradition has always been to have a cake made and decorated to order by the birthday girl/boy.

Lightening didn't strike me dead when I handed bills over in exchange for a rectangle of pure, spongey sugar flour. Nor does my child think any less of me. But that could be because I still decorated it to her specifications which went something like this:

"I would like a sleeping princess. On top of a bed. In a pink dress with ruffles on it and pink slippers. She has to have long blonde hair and wear a gold crown. And you have to go up lots of stairs to get to her." Kind of a mix between sleeping beauty and the Princess and the Pea, thought I. Easy enough. EXCEPT- I had to do it with NO ingredients in the cupboards (all that jazz is still packed away...)

It is much harder than I thought, decorating an already decorated cake with no decoration supplies. I got some rice krispy treats, some gel and some pink edible spraypaint (I couldn't believe they made the stuff!) and set to work. A few cookies from the pantry and some pink marshmellows helped out too.

This is by far the most pathetic looking cake I have ever decorated.

Honestly, with the candles-she looks like a corpse.

But it made Corynn happy, thankfully.

I have always liked how she is happy with whatever you can give. She never asks for more.

This is where she said "The whole cake is just so pretty- I just can't decide what piece to cut!"

Man, I love this girl. Even if she is blind.
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