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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Field Trip

(this turtle followed Corynn around the tank so many times I was wondering if she had some sort of magnetic field. Not so with the Panda...)

A few weeks ago, I took the children to a local Science and Discovery center to celebrate my little sister's birthda, and if I bought a membership, the cost to get in THAT day would be deducted from the annual cost of membership. I think it ended up being only $20.00 or something like that, and we have free access to the Center (and many affiliated museums) for a year. By golly, I forked over the cash knowing full well I would make good use of it.

I don't regret it. Not one iota.

(did you know that cockroaches have 18 knees?!?)

This particular center has four large and very generalized divisions: an outdoor center, a 'living' center, a creative and youngers center, and basically- science everywhere else. It is a huge place and often children are so overwhelmed that they fly from one thing to another, leaving parents feeling as though they did something educational when in fact, not a stitch was accomplished more than excited squeals and running about. And even then, you don't see everything.

Having this year long membership has really helped to curb the whole "MUST SEE EVERYTHING if only for a moment" syndrome-and encourages ACTUAL learning and discovery. I forewarned the children we would only go on the one side today: the 'living' center.

(an albino frog!)

We got to explore and experience in ways we wouldn't have otherwise. We were introduced to strange creatures. And get this: brace yourselves now: we actually READ the signs and learned something!

(With all the sludge on the glass of this aquarium you ought to be mighty impressed that frogs are actually seen here...)
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The kids even got to watch TV! (Seriously though- this was the last thing we did and let me tell you: sitting in the dark movie cave and listening to the song of the humpback whale nearly made me fall asleep!)

It was a pretty amazing time. I loved it. The kids loved it. I was enthralled with the creatures-and so were they.

That is, until Andrew spotted the simple machines station.

And then-well, you know the rest.

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