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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fresh Baked

Still have no working stove, though my hope is by the end of the week. This will be my eighth week without a stove/oven.

I've hated every moment of it.

Just so you know.

Iin case you didn't.


When I opened the box labeled "Bread Machine" I started drooling and went to make bread that very moment, only to discover I had no yeast. So I made an emergency trip to the grocery that night, because you KNOW it was a justifiable emergency I was facing.

That night I dreamed of fresh warm bread. I coveted and yearned for it. I pined away. I didn't care if we had anything else for dinner. All I wanted was warm, fresh bread with gooey melted butter atop.

So yesterday we excitedly added ingredients to our magic box that bakes bread and could hardly contain ourselves when it began whirring.

Last night was SUCH a feast. Belgian Molasses Bread and every bite was divine. I *did* by the way, make some Hearty Split Pea and Sausage soup to go with it, but the bread was my PERSONAL hightlight.

I ate it for breakfast this morning too.

And I have another loaf in the works for today....


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Tracy said...

Yum! You'll have to come visit me today, for I have some exciting news!

Leah said...

The bread sounds delicious! You should post the recipe. ;) Are you making the same kind today or something different?

We haven't had a working oven for months. :( Thankfully, the stove top works! I'm hoping to get the oven fixed (or replaced with another used one) in the very near future!

Grandma Bibby said...

You must share that recipe. I have some soup in the freezer, and some of that bread would be divine with it. Please, pretty please, for the recipe. :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Rebecca!
The bread looks and sonds amazing! I'm hoping you're going to share the recipe!

Please stop in at my blog...there is an award waiting for you!!

Have a wonderful evening!

Rebecca said...

I WILL share the recipe- you know why? Because my recipe blog is parched and decaying. And it needs a new recipe. PRONTO.

I will also share the bread recipe I made today- Cappuchino Chip Bread.

And maybe even the one I make tomorrow...


Jerelene said...

That is so funny that you posted on making bread. I posted on that too!! I made yeast bread for the first time ever today..I have a bread machine too. I hope the recipes you give are for a bread machine...Jerelene

Andie said...

Cinnamon Rasin is my personal favorite to make in my bread machine. I put all the ingredients in it before I go to bed, set the timer and dream away. When my alarm goes off (HORRIBLE SOUND!) I am awakened pleasently by the delicious smell of bread baking!! YUMMY! I time it so I have time to make a pot of coffee, shower, and get dressed. About the time I'm putting on my clothes, I hear the timer beeping! Breakfast is served! Hmmm...maybe I'll go start a loaf now!

My Journey said...

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know I haven't gotten to the post office yet. Everything in the world happend this week so I promise to try to go next week and mail your books. They'll get there!
Hope you are feeling good!
In Him,

Mom2fur said...

Sounds good! Boy, I sure do hope you get that oven soon! With the cool weather coming, it's time to start baking and roasting!

Smith Family said...

I am running over to recipe blog. Because i have been in the mood for some yummy homemade bread! Thank you for sharing them with us.