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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The gift

Papa told her to get ready for her gift and she put her hands out. Must have been expecting a book or soemthing... WA ha hahaha.

Call us crazy but we don't usually go all out on gifts around holiday times. Not in order to save money (though it certainly does and that IS a perk!) but moreso, to instill in our children a sense of thankfulness and to bypass the whole 'greed' factor. Not to mention: it helps them to grow with a right and good understanding of quantity- it isn't healthy to be overrun with "stuff"-at any age.

There is no rule in our "Newman Household Handbook" stating a certain number of gifts allotted for birthdays, but, for the last few it has been UNO. What's interesting (and fun!) is that the children don't mind in the slightest. In fact, they LOVE getting their one gift-and end up playing with it for the rest of the day and future days. They don't expect more and don't feel gipped in the slightest. I think it could be just because they have never been overwhelmed by roomfuls of gifts from the getgo. We've always had a three gift limit at Christmas-but that doesn't mean they always GET three and at birthdaytime, well, whatever goes.

Another rule NOT in our handbook (hypothetical handbook, that is...) is that the gift HAS to be brandnew. As in this birthday gift.

A bigger bike for the cool biker chick was necessary and I knew that this gift alone would thrill her so fully that no other gift could top it- so why try?!?

I went looking at yardsales and voila! A bigger bike, for five bucks. Got some cutesy spraypaint, a new spiffy basket and a really cool horn and called it good. Just so happens, Uncle John and Aunt Holly knew of our plans and got some danglies for the handbars and some other stuff to bling it out.

This is what it looked like before:

Not a bad transformation, eh?

Best of all was the little speed demon racing down the road on her new bike, all smiles..and the "Thank you Papa, for painting it pink- I love pink!"
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