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Friday, September 12, 2008

Week One. Check.

It's official. The first week of school: grabbed by the horns, done with a vengeance, and now complete.

What Corynn learned:

~ Focused on her short A sound, practiced all the others.

~ Did more Math than we have ever done before. Practiced counting to 100, which she did well with just a teensy bit of help. Her favorite? Counting, subtracting and dividing into equal parts CANDY CORN. Yeah-that one even made it into her afternoon lunchtime prayer "Thank you God for making Mama give us candy corn to count for a special treat. They were SO delicious and it was such a fun surprise that I would love it if we got to do that tomorrow too!" ha.

~ Relearned and lived the story of David

~ Introduction to quite a selection of art~ the most poignant for her: a painting by Gerome depicting Martyr'd Christians in a Roman colosseum.

~ Self read four Bob books, all on her own and independently read a plethora of words created in pencil, crayon, playdough, and pointed out in stories. It is starting to click!!! WA HOO!

Things Panda learned (and things I learned about Panda):

~ He wants to sit with us, no matter how long and 'do' school too. Not even my suggestion.

~ He can complete shape puzzles in record time- like SECONDS.

~ He can now complete a 15 piece puzzle with minimal assistance. He just was introduced to it on Monday, but it had a tractor on it, so he was infatuated-and begged to do it every single day.

~ He can count to 15 easy, peasy with no help at all. At just two- this impresses me, probably because Corynn took much longer to get the whole numbers game. I think this boy is a numbers kind of guy which is fantastic, because I am not.

~Became very interested in colors and shapes, and especially MATCHING colors this week.

~ He is very good at praising his sister. I would often hear him say "Good job di-da!" in an enthusiastic voice. This boy of mine, he is top-notch.

What I learned:

~ If school becomes a routine, I CAN be self-disciplined enough to do it each day!

~ I got everything done everyday that I wanted to get done, if I set my mind to it.

~ Though I did get everything done, I really need to schedule my week in advance so I don't scrounge around each morning. Being more organized is at the top of my 'necessary to-do list".

~ I am already loving the flexibility of homeschooling.

~ I am loving watching my children ENJOY doing school- helps me to be enthusiastic.

~ Having some sort of creative outlet is a great way to break up the subjects. Making bookmarks for our workbooks did WONDERS to get her revived to get through one last lesson. Apple printing and creating clay words was just as educational, but left smiles on their faces for the rest of the day. Mental note: these are goods things. Do them more.

~ Corynn needs a more mature, all-encompassing approach to phonics to go along with the simple worksheets she does. She loves the worksheets, but she is far beyond working an entire week on a single phoneme. I need to challenge her a bit more.

~ Phonics and Math are great, but I want to do more hands-on stuff too. Art. Nature study. Memorization. I'm going to tack on some things for future weeks.

Overall, it was a GREAT week. I actually can't complain about a single thing. Most especially, I am thankful to realize that I can be self-disciplined enough to do it each day. It helps to have a little girl rushing to get clothes on and teeth brushed to 'do school'.

We are all looking forward to next week!

Now that this is written, I look forward to our LAST week of school, and the time I can revisit this post and see how far we've come. I wonder where we will be then...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on completing the first week! Please keep posting about your homeschooling adventure. I look forward to homeschooling our children in a more formal/scheduled way (my oldest, Cora, is only two) in a few years and I love to see how other mamas are doing it.
Mrs. Bowen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your week! I love learning from other moms. I have a Homeschool Weekly space on my blog and welcome for you to join and share your weeks.


Leah said...

It sounds like Corynn is doing a great job! Isn't it so fun to see our children catching on to learning and really enjoying it!

We just completed our 5th week of school and it feels so good! John is doing wonderfully! All week long I was going to put a post on my blog about what he has done so far. Your post has motivated me to do just that!

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

I love this post, Rebecca! It sounds like you are doing a delightful job at mothering and teaching! Panda reminds me of my son, as he always does some "schoolwork" when Lily did. He has always been that way, even since he was 1 1/2. By the way, when are you due?

Andie said...

Congratulations! Teaching is such a wonderful vocation, teaching your own children, or others. I love teaching! I'm so glad you, Corynn, and Panda are enjoying your schooling times.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I was very motivated by this post, and I actually came back to read it again! I started pre-school with Audrey last week, and even though we were only able to get 2 days done due to Dr. appts, etc. it went really well (The all important First Day of School picture being one of them. Educational I know). Brady wants to do school too, but he wants to do it by using big sisters books, crayons pencils and flashcards. While she is using them. My have him color and do fun little things while we are doing school plan is backfiring, but your post reminded me we have some puzzels to pull out and let him try.
DO keep posting about school, with pictures too , they are more encouraging to your dear devoted readers than you realize!

Jerelene said...

Congratulations on having such a wonderful 1st week of school..I just love your photos..Have a wonderful week!!