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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Me

I was totally inspired by this post today.

I see and know firsthand what it is like to be the photographer-not the photographed. I also know that I usually HATE any photo's of myself that other people take. Perhaps that because I know (and perform) all the handy dandy tricks when I am photographing myself (i.e. jutting chin, looking up, taking a gazillion photos, etc.) Truth is though, I want my children to have proof more than just remembrances. That I was *there*. PARTICIPATING in their lives. And loving on them, nonstop.

And so. I post a few photos of myself with my littlest. Even ones with sun spots smack dab in the middle of my forehead and freakishly bent noses. Because who CARES what I look like. RIGHT?!? (Please say yes.)

In other news: tomorrow is my birthday. I was duly impressed and very very complimented to receive Happy Birthday wishes from several bloggy friends this past week as I was anticipating the day. I know not how you could remember such a thing (even knowing the MONTH of my birthday is impressive!) but THANK you, THANK YOU-for taking the time to participate in my life and for your very kind, very sweet well wishes.

I have recently discovered and become fixated on Ina Garten. Know of her? She is the Barefoot Contessa, for goodness sake!

Truth is, *I* didn't know of her until I was making my weekly library list last week and was scouring Amazon for interesting titles to add to my inter-library loan list and found the little "recommended" box. The Barefoot Contessa book came to my library with my little name on it last week and, well, I've been lost in ooey, gooey goodness every since.

Everything she makes is beautiful! And doable! And elegant enough for company but easy enough for eating during the week.

Now I COULD photocopy the recipes before returning the book...but then I wouldn't have the beautiful photography to get my eyes salivating. (Yes, eyes DO salivate.)

So even while I was hoping to LESSEN my collection of cookbooks, I have changed my mind and decided I want not only The Barefoot Contessa but every single ONE of her cookbooks (she has quite a few, turns out.)

Ummmm.... Mattie?!? (tap, tap)

You there???? (tap, tap)

Would you please buy me all of these cookbooks for my birthday that will be here in less than 12 hours and pay $99.50 in shipping for super-deluxe faster-than-the-speed-of-light shipping for them to arrive on time?

Please? Because you love me?!?

Tomorrow I am having company over (lots of special people are coming and bringing one EXTRA special person!) but I think I might be feisty enough to try some fun "birthday" pictures of myself. I always do "birthday shoots" of my kiddos. We'll seeeeee.......

I wonder, is 27 years old too old for braids????
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Anonymous said...

Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.

Rebecca said...

Oh MATTIE...............

I just KNEW you didn't love me.

Tracy said...

HAppy Birthday, Rebecca! 27 too old for braids? Nah! As a matter of fact, I wore them when I was in my thirties to a 4th of July picnic and had an older gentlemen friend tell me how pretty I looked all day long. Now that I'm 38 they seem a bit, hmm... young. But, only on me. Because I am very gray already. And I should specify that while I don't wear braided pigtails, I do still wear a solitary braid down my back. And French braids, too!

Tracy said...

Oh, and Ina Garten! She's amazing! If you had a chance to watch her show, you'd love her even MORE! She's soft-spoken, and loving, and gentle. You can just tell. And everything she makes looks divine!

Grandma Bibby said...

Happy Birthday! I am sorry that I didn't have it on my calendar. And you are never too old for braids. Don't let anyone tell you differently. It is a wonderful way to wear hair when it is warm! Enjoy tomorrow, and who is this special guest? Curious me, you know that.

Peggy in Alaska said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn't know! And by the way, you are never too old for braids! Come to Alaska and you will see all kinds of braids!

On Ina Garten... I have a confession, I don't own any of her books but aren't they divine! We have a policy in our house of when "one" comes in "one" must go out. I was just telling my cousin trying to thin down my recipe books is like asking which child I want to give away! (I mean it not like I have a 100 or so, just in the 90's) :) So we are working on the fiction right now instead! Maybe I can get her books once I make more space on "my" bookcase. (Each person in our house has a bookcase more or less designated for them but mine is overflowing!)

Once again Happy Birthday!! Since you like recipe books maybe we'll see about some Alaska recipe books finding a new home! Oh, my husband will be so proud of me...

Nanci said...


and ...

verse 2(In our family, no birthday is complete if verse 2 is not sung!)


Best wishes for a wonderful day from all who dwell at Brambleberry Cottage!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I've said it a few times today, but I will say it again- Happy Birthday Dear Sister! I Love You :)

Tom and Cindy said...

You have a beautiful little girl and you are beautiful too. Love reading your blog. Thank you for posting the photos.

...they call me mommy... said...

27...too old?! Nope! :)

Love your blog!


Suzie Sews said...

Nope, hey I am 40 and when I think about how old I feel its 27, its the age to be, I wore my hair like this until two years ago, Belated birthday wishes and if it feel good then it must be...

inspired said...

27 is never too old for braids! I still wear them at 37!!! Oh my word...am I THAT old?


Christine said...

Happy Birthday, dearie! 27 is never too old for braids! Many blessings!