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Monday, May 11, 2009

That's NOT all, folks!

Our chickies arrived this week. Friends kept them for us while they needed a heat lamp but they are doing really well, so we brought 'em on home. Said friends are housing over 90 chicks at this point, with no chicken house so the fewer they have the better.

Besides, I wanted to give these chickies the chance to become accustomed to being handled. They are much more fun that way.

My favorite is long-neck there in front. Her name is Cricket. She happens to sound like one, and is the friendliest of the bunch. The more I look at the lightish/whitish one, the more I am convinced that thar' is a rooster. And we don't want any roosters. So Sunshine might not make it at the Newman Farm.

Right now, we have six of our OWN chickens now, 14 on loan to us and a dozen eggs being babysat by Mrs. Broody hen on day 8-that means just 13 more days until egg babies get to see blue sky! I hope we get a few out of the bunch. We have eggs coming out of our ears at this point, but I realize that someday we'll have to give back all the layers. I want to have some replacements on hand...
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Andie said...

Ohhh...fun...I do believe I'm with you on the whole bambi thing. We had steaks one night at my parents home and my sister-in-law said that "Bob" sure does taste good! I couldn't eat it after that!!! (It was her last 4-H steer!)

Enjoy your animals and beautiful garden. I finally got to plant a few flowers...and I'm happy with that! :o)

Blessings for a happy spring-