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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now that the garden season is in full swing, I thought it HIGH time for an update.

This is a year full of firsts for me, one being starting seeds indoors. I am super glad I did though and will likely never be free from this task again. Well over 50 tomato plants from a greenhouse would have cost me....oh my goodness, too much. The pepper seeds are also doing wonderfully well.

Some seeds though, didn't quite come through for me. Out of 16 pellets (32 seeds) I have NO lavendar plants. Same for Moss Rose, Cilantro, Columbine and watermelon. Out of six pellets (12-18 seeds) only two basil seedlings have emerged. Thankfully, these are mostly flowers that were "perks" for me and many were packets I had had for a very long time, so it sorta makes sense.

I will end up buying basil though.

It has been a fun project for me and gives me great excitement to see the progress being made. Corynn enjoys it too.

Matt snapped this photo of me and my girl thinning out tomato seedlings last week or so and I laughed at Corynn's clothing combination. Purple stripes and brown plaid??! We had returned from church and I told her to get some play clothes on so as not to ruin her church dress and that is what she came up with.

I was going to make some funny remark until I realized: I am JUST as funny looking with my striped, ugly garden apron over top of a circled top!

We Newmans are KNOWN for our style.

And, turns out, our posture.

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Peggy in Alaska said...

Is that green grass? How exciting! I love your sense of fashion! It reminds me of our boys when they were young! Plaid shirts and green striped pants! It was so hideous it makes me smile!! :) Now it's orange crocs w/ flowered socks! I love quirky footware!

Our trees are just being beginning to bud! Did you get the package we sent out a couple of weeks ago? We are close to being done w/ school for the year and are looking at cleaning out the garden in preparation for planting next month.. Leeks, swiss chard, kale, potatoes, and maybe some herbs... We're keeping it small this year but are planning on buying from a local CSA, the farmers market, and trading w/ a neighbor (labor for veggies!).