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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Put 'Em Up List

I was very (VERY) bad about listing my canning in my sidebar this year (actually, I neglected my sidebar terribly! tsk, tsk) but I did keep track of it on paper. Here it is~ before I toss the list in the burnables and start fresh for the new year. As you can see, I got a pressure canner last year! ;-)

( Qt. and P. are pretty obvious, but the j stands for 'jars', when I used a mix of sizes.)

I canned:

17 qt. canned meat, chicken and beef
7 qt. squash

10 j. zucchini relish

13 qt. sweet pickles

2 qt. volcano pickles

8 j. jalapeno jelly

20 qt. pears

18 qt. spaghetti sauce

12 qt. grape juice

5 p. grape jelly

7 p. grape syrup

23 qt. Hurricane Lee Beef with or without tomatoes. (H.L canning done without power.)
6 p. pork sausage
7 qt. spaghetti MEAT sauce

9 p. elderberry syrup
23 qt. applesauce

In addition to canning:

froze bags and bags (and bags) of:


shredded zucchini

squash, cubed

dried pounds and pounds of:



sun-dried tomatoes


harvested lots of lots of:




lemon verbena
lemon balm






and I
made plenty of:

Homemade Vanilla

plantain salve

Here's to a new and, Lord willing, ABUNDANT year!


Hollace said...

Such a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

WOW, good job!
if only my garden could be so abundant! oh and i had a pressure canner, dreams for this year! Maybe ill find one on crags list!
: )

Bill & Stacy said...

Like you don't have enough on your list of to do's, but could you do a series on canning. I have wanted to for a few years and would love for this year to be THE year I do it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That is one impressive pantry! Curious as to whether you aII reaIIy eat that many pickIes?

Rebecca said...

Anonymous~ believe it or not~ we do. Even MORE surprising is the fact that the pickles shown are all VOLCANO pickles, meaning hotter than all the people in this familys' tastebuds can handle save one. Named Matt. And he managed to clean us out. And if, by chance it takes him two years, so be it. Notice I only did 2 qt. of volcanos this year. That means he has a few left over.

Pickles do get overwhelming though which is why I generally ONLY pickle cukes and not beans, squash, etc.

And that was, I am sure, more than you ever wanted to know about pickles.

Anonymous said...

pleeeeeeeeeeeeease post that volcano pickle recipe..and know that i am so envious of the harvesting you have done...way to go!!!!!!!

celina (from canada) now virginia

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE THAT PHOTO!!! :) Just before I read your post I was looking at a canning book called Putting Food By from the library! HAHA. It must be a sign. (or not.) I am so jealous of your hard work and wonderful finished product. I'm so lazy. ;)

Bonnie said...

I always like these posts, makes me hungry and anxious for growing and harvesting!

Louise said...

Looks scrumptious! You have in your pantry what I have only in wish dreams!

Leah T. said...

We were not able to plant a garden last summer for various and sundry reasons. We were able, though, to get quite a few veggies and fruits from our Amish neighbors. We are determined to get in a really good garden this year! And we'll be canning and dehydrating and otherwise putting food by .I'm so excited! I went through the seed inventory today to see what other seeds we will need. Oh, spring can't come soon enough! :D