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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Without Fail

This is what happens when we head outside to enjoy the unusually warm weather for WINTER and the tractor starts up in the distance:

Judahbear hears it.

He gets up and says "ruahr?", always with a question in his voice and pleading in his eyes. The boychild wants a ride.

Impatient for me to accommodate, he waves goodheartedly

and hightails it outta there.

Then, wouldn't you know?

His Papa, being the swell man he is, stops his work and gives him a bit of a ride.

Just a circle round, but that's all he wanted anyway.

Just a moment of time.

P.S. As you can see, boychild
still has the happy scowl.

P.P.S. These photos were taken awhile ago-the husband sports a very...prolific...beard as of late. For you beard-stalkers out there....you know who you are.

P.P.P.S I helped Judah across the road...for you folks curious.

P.P.P.P.S What kind of a mother do you think I AM?!?!?


Bonnie said...

He "says" tractor? Perhaps he could have a chat with his same initialed nearly twin. He says "da-da" doo-da" "da-doo" and once in a blue moon "mama". Otherwise I'm left interpreting grunts and pointing.

Such cuteness, and of course I would NEVER have imagined you letting him cross the road alone. I know what kind of mother you are.

Duly put in my place.

Tracy said...

I wondered if perhaps Matt might have foregone the beard this year. Guess not. Your grass is quite green, but perhaps the fact that these were taken some time ago explains that as well.

Just so you know, Rosie and I were speaking of YOU the morning before you left your comment, and knew exactly who you were. :-)

Rebecca said...

Bonnie~ on the contrary. Besides Mama,the only "words" he says are RUAHR???. Always with that questioning raise in pitch at the end...and that words stands for EVERYTHING. He makes tractor SOUNDS though as he pushes them along on the floor.

Tracy- if only I could be so lucky! ha! Matt would NEVER go for that though, I don't have THAT much clout! :-)

Terri said...

He is adorable, Rebecca. It seems he is walking in the ways of his older brother and will be sporting some cowboy boots soon!

...they call me mommy... said...

Aww! So cute!! I love his little sweater too! :)We have some major tractor-lovers here too. My hubby has been looking to buy a cab for one of his so he can take two kiddos on extended rides. :)

No baby yet. *pulls out hair* ;)

Leah said...

Philip was mesmerized by tractors for years! And his Daddy has given many a ride on one.

As to your p.p.p.p.s. question - a good one, at least I think. :)

Catie said...

What a cutie! I love the pic of him walking (running?) away!

Leah T. said...

He's so precious! And getting so big!

Esther asked Scott to show her Adele' in the picture we have from your visit last fall. She talks about her friends (your children & the Owen children) all the time! We have to find a way to get together again sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...how much acreage do you guys have? It sure is beautiful...look's like your little guy is gonna be a farmer :)

Also, do you provide a heat source for your chickens? I'm hoping to get some this summer and need some pointers.

Thank you! Janet

Rebecca said...

Janet~ We have 106 acres but haven't had time to fully enjoy it since we have only lived here three months! :-)

As for the chickens~ we do not have an outside heat source. It is important for them to have plenty of food and lots of water and to be out of the elements (have good wind break!) So we button up the chicken house as best we can and they have done alright.

Praying they still do well, as this chicken coop needs much more work than our last one and its' "buttoned up" state is a far cry from their previous home.